Friday, October 21, 2016

Elephant Motorcycle Helmet Cover

We have the perfect handmade Elephant Motorcycle Helmet Cover for you.  When we say handmade, we mean hand made by people who are not Chinese.  The "maker" is also older than 8.  She claims it takes her 2 hours to make each one.

The eyes are plastic balls which make it look closer to a cartoon image.

Elephant will fit (almost) any size helmet (Probably not on XXL or larger) and he slips on and off the helmet in seconds.   It is kept in place by elastic that is stitched in the bottom of the cover that keeps it nice and tight on the motorcycle helmet.

Elephant Helmet Cover also keeps your helmet from scratches and chips.

Elephant can interfere with the ventilation of your helmet, but he also reduces road noise a bit.  

Elephant may slightly vary from the picture because they are all handmade. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Green Bay Packers Mask

 I love my job.  Jennifer made this cool Green Bay Packers Mask today for a special friend.  Did you know that we can print anything you want on a mask.....

America, I love this country.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Motorcycle Helmet Turns Your Brainwaves Into Electronic Music

From the outside, the Experience Helmet, made by Lithuanian sound artist Aiste Noreikaite, looks like any old white motorcycle helmet. But put it on, and you become suddenly immersed in your own private sound installation. High and low tones combine to form an enveloping electronic beat—all of which is composed by your own brainwaves.

Originally created as a project for Noreikaite's sound and design class at University of the Arts in London, the helmet is built around a NeuroSky headset, an EEG device that senses the activity of neurons in the brain and indicates whether a person's thoughts are either meditative or attentive. Noreikaite used the software that accompanies the device to measure the exact level of "meditativeness" or "attentiveness" on a dial that went from 0 to 100. She assigned each number on the dial a frequency, so that a higher sound indicates a more calm and relaxed state and a faster, more rhythmical sound indicates more activity and awareness.

"The neurons in the brain communicate through electricity, so I thought that electronic tones would be perfect for that," says Noreikaite. "I just wanted to make it as simple as possible. You don’t want to overload the music, if you do it looses it’s power."

To that end, inside the Experience Helmet your thoughts become modern minimal electronic music, similar to that of the avant-garde artist and composer La Monte Young. The more active your thinking, the more frenetic the beat. And as two tones of slightly different frequency enter each ear, the brain produces what Noreikaite calls a "binaural beat": a frequency that vibrates at 10Hz inside the brain, which is equivalent to the Alpha brainwaves that occur in states of light meditation.

Though it hasn't been proven that the helmet produces it, the Alpha frequency is the thing that Noreikaite is eager to explore further. If harnessed, it could help people with anxiety to relax, or even function almost like an antidepressant. "I would like to help people with mental issues and see how this whole brainwave thing—the binaural beats—can make a person feel better," says Noreikaite. "I really like the idea that it's not direct music. It’s something that is being created by brain. It's another area of the unknown, what our brains can do."

The Experience Helmet only exists in prototype.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Iron Horse Helmets Facebook page

Check out our new Facebook page.  

It only took us 8 years, but we decided that Facebook might make it and not go out of business.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Shut Up and Stand Up Kaeperdick Shirt

Shut Up and Stand Up Kaeperdick Shirt

Our friends at made this awesome Shut Up and Stand Up Kaeperdick shirt.

We don't want to deal with all the hate mail by putting it on our site, but they rock.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kids Motorcycle Clothing

We are getting into the Kids Motorcycle Clothing. We are going to start with Baby Biker Bibs. 

We can put any or our current T-shirt designs on a bib. Please let us know if you are interested.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Did you know that a typical motorcycle helmet is good for only 3-5 years?

Contrary to common belief, motorcycle helmets were not made to last forever. Under ordinary circumstances, the shelf life of a rider’s helmet is only good for about five years. After that, the integrity of the item deteriorates and the safety of the rider is compromised. Of course, you can still use them, but there's an increased risk in the event of a motorcycle crash.

There are two major factors that contribute to the helmet’s deterioration—the human element and the environment.

On the human factor, how the helmet is used (or abused) alongside the user’s body chemistry affects the integrity. This includes the severity of perspiration on the rider’s head. On the environment side, the damaging factors include ultraviolet rays, sun exposure, dust, rain, humidity and moisture.

If the motorcycle helmet is dropped by its user, it will most likely have micro damage on the shell. Oftentimes, the small cracks inside the inner layer cannot be seen by the naked eye. If this happens, the life of the helmet is shortened to one or two years only.

Also, the glues, resins and other materials that were used in making the helmet also deteriorate, resulting in the loosening of the foam and fabric lining. One of the symptoms of this is when you see some black flakes in your hair after removing your helmet.