Thursday, December 4, 2008

Motorcycle Helmets - Why Are They Important?

Are you protecting your head when you ride your motorcycle? Motorcycle helmets are one of the most important considerations of all safety concerns, especially when you consider the current statistics stating that brain injury is one of the most dominant causes of motorcycle fatalities. Realizing this importance can make wearing helmets easier to accept psychologically, as many current riders currently have a mental block and choose not to wear them. It is good to see that the governments have stepped in to make it mandatory, both, for the riders as well as the pillion riders alike.
Motorcycle helmets are basically aimed at absorbing the impact of collision to the brain in case of an accident. With this in mind, among the first things that one should be looking for is the material of the helmet. Lightweight, tough and crack resistant fibers and grades of plastic have made it into the helmet manufacturing processes in a big way. Impact resistance can be gauged from the shape and size of the helmets. One ought to educate oneself to ensure that the money spent is worth it. A few dollars more won't hurt as long as you feel safe.
The next important thing to consider is the comfort level that comes with wearing the motorcycle helmet. The full face helmets are the safest helmets and obviously the best buy. Wear one that fits snugly. Choose one that you would take a liking to. Any helmet that you choose should feel soft at all points of contacts on the skull. They come in different colors, designs and should invariably have DOT approval stickers at the rear.
The second kind of motorcycle helmet is the half face one that is also a good protection and at the same time offers a fuller view of the road, allowing the feel of unity with the road that one whizzes past. The visors that cover the face and protect the eyes from wind and dust should be tough, clear and scratch proof. All the inner linings and padding should be clean and finished properly. Look out for itchy endings. The inner material should be able to soak sweat and made of quality material so that it doesn't stink.
Some of the major manufacturers of quality motorcycle helmets are the Iron Horse Helmets, Nolan, and Bell that also add elements of comfort in addition to providing safety. They have incorporated easy flow ventilation systems, and anti-fog properties keeping in view the fact that a biker's terrain and delight know no boundaries.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Live wild and free and still protect your life by using a motorcycle helmet

If you like to live your life on the edge, but still care for your safety, a motorcycle helmet is exactly what you need to protect you, and the variety of motorcycle helmets available today will make your style unique. A motorcycle helmet can prevent or reduce a head injury and even save your life.

Motorcycle helmets come in all shapes and colors, their design is becoming more and more attractive and additional conveniences come included in order to make them more comfortable, such as interior fabric and foam. Nevertheless, take care to buy one that not only suits your personality and desires, but also meets the required international standards. You should take into consideration many things, before buying the only piece of apparel that is likely to save your life.

Choosing a helmet can be as difficult as buying the motorcycle. As a beginner, you could meet the temptation of looking more at the design or the colors. By doing this, your motorcycle riding experience can become way less enjoyable than if you have a helmet that fits properly on your head.

To begin with, you all know that black helmets are the most common among riders, as they are often connected with this color. Nevertheless, what not many of you know is that the same black helmets offer the smallest amount of visibility to motorists. Wearing a white helmet reduces the risk of collision by 24%, because it is much more visible than a black one is.

What is more, a helmet cuts down the wind noise, which helps you hear other sounds better, it reduces fatigue from the wind and, thus, keeps you more alert. It also protects your eyes from wind or insects, allowing you to see well. A full-face helmet offers better coverage than a half helmet and provides more protection. You have to be sure that the helmet suits your head and does not get off suddenly. It should also fit snugly, so that it should be stable when you shake your head side-to-side, front-to-back or up and down.

The helmets are made from plastic, and the best ones are reinforced with Kevlar or carbon fiber. They are designed to break in a crash, so they provide no protection after the impact. Therefore, for your safety you should change it after any impact, whether there is visible damage or not.

The most common injury in motorcycle accidents is closed head injury, which is the most dangerous, as it cannot be distinguished. This causes the brain to move around inside the skull, causing dangerous bleeding. This is why a motorcycle helmet is so necessary and prevents you from having unfortunate incidents. Studies indicate that riders who wear motorcycle helmets crash less frequently and suffer fewer injuries and deaths, and they are less likely to suffer long-term or permanent disablement.

The easiest way to purchase e helmet is online, this way you can take your time and study all models, colors, avoiding the dealer’s pressure. The graphics are amazing and becoming more and more complex, from the classic flames to skulls, cobras, wolves and many others. All helmets in our online store provide D.O.T. standards and you can be sure that they are safe and will protect you.

Therefore, do not wait any longer; buy a helmet today for your protection. Choose a helmet that suits best your personality and needs and you will become the lord of the road. Motorcycle helmets can save your life, and they are fashion accessories, which are comfortable and unique. By choosing a special motorcycle helmet model, you can be sure that everybody will notice you on the road.

Reduce the risk of injuries by wearing a motorcycle helmet and be unique by choosing a model that best suits your personality from the wide variety of unique motorcycle helmets available.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Whether you need a full-face helmet or a DOT helmet, FRENCHY’S HELMETS. They have nothing but the highest in grade of helmets. People at FRENCHY’S HELMETS know motorcycles and riding them so they understand their client’s needs when it comes to FRENCHY’S HELMETS motorcycle helmets. The company also offers novelty and kids helmets too.
If you need a helmet that is not heavy to have on your head try the DOT Flame Shorty Motorcycle Helmet. What is meant by not heavy? It only weighs a slim 30 ounces. This particular helmet is among several DOT Motorcycle Helmets in stock.
Gloss Black Tiger Novelty Motorcycle Helmet is in the novelty class of helmets. This helmet as in other novelty helmets are not DOT approved. This helmet is ultra lightweight but has some strength due to being made from a blend composite that is unique. The interior is felt cushioned with several layers for comfort.
If one needs a helmet that they can wear their goggles with for motocross? Then the DOT ATV Dirt Bike MX Green Camo Motorcycle Helmet is for them. Not only can you wear goggles with this helmet but also you can keep your head drier because of the special padding in it. This is just a sample of what is in the motocross line of helmets.
Some of FRENCHY’S HELMETS motorcycle helmets can have an airbrush design on them. The gloss novelty and the DOT Shorty Helmets can be airbrushed with some neat designs. For the ladies there is a gorgeous airbrushed butterfly done in orange, black and yellow. For the men there are many types of designs including an airbrushed lightening. Helmets are custom painted after they had been wet sanded and given clear coating not once but three times.
One of the new designs at FRENCHY’S HELMETS is the Iridium Motorcycle Helmet. The helmet is made from Iridium chrome, which is comprised of several colors. This unusual chrome causes the colors to morph in the sun that should make for an interesting visual effect. This helmet is no DOT approved.
The Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk can be added to most high-gloss helmets. These Mohawks are a way to get noticed. For parents they can deck their kids out in one and see them more easily in a crowd. Suction cups are used to fasten them to the helmets and they have been tested at speeds of 200 MPH and over.
FRENCHY’S HELMETS also sells kid’s helmets. The DOT ATV Dirt Bike MX Kids BlueG Motorcycle Helmet is one such helmet. It is a motocross helmet sized right for kids comes in 3 sizes. It does have DOT approval. This helmet is in stunning shades of blue, gray, with some black on the outside.
The styles mentioned are only a few of the FRENCHY’S HELMETS motorcycle helmets available. For unique and innovative designs check them out with the rest of the styles. These helmets excluding the novelty ones are designed for safety also. They are highly functional as well as very stylish.

New Bikers

There have been so many new "bikers" hit the road due to the hike in gas prices, heck even your mother may be riding at least a scooter and grandpa could have very likely just purchased a Harley Davidson. Your Christmas list may be full of new bikers, old bikers, and ones who are considering becoming bikers. When you are looking for a great gift this Christmas and want it to be unique and fin, you may want to check out for some of their great items, helmet bling and helmet hair. You can encourage your loved ones to wear their helmets by gifting them with a fun and attractive helmet Mohawk. Most accidents are caused by other motorists not noticing the motorcyclists, so help them out and add some bling and some wild and fin hair to their helmet, that will to say the very least...get them noticed. We all love to give gifts that will not only be useful to the recipient but be fun and unique as well, helmet hair and helmet bling will no doubt be unique and is always fun. You will find very affordable and creative gift ideas at for the ones you love and even for yourself.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting Cold

It is starting to get cold outside in the Northern states, riding your motorcycle is a little more of a task then it was in the past summer months, now you have to bundle up and ensure you have the proper gear for the weather. Helmets, while should be worn all year round, become more popular in the colder months as they protect our faces from the bitterly cold winds that used to be warm rays of sunshine. This fall and in to early winter for the die hards who cannot garage that beautiful bike may want to dress up their motorcycle helmets with some bling and maybe even a Mohawk. Helmet hair has become pretty popular, there are some bikers who wear it faithfully and sport it as if it were their own doo. The affordable and fun helmet hair and helmet patches can make your helmet more colorful, get you more attention, and even match your personality. So don't put away the bike yet, grab that helmet to protect your face and slap on a bright blue Mohawk to that old helmet and make it look like new. You can get helmet hair to match your bike, your gear, or just find one that matches your style.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bikers on the roadway

The increase in gas prices has brought a whole new line of "bikers" to the roadways. Motorists have always been inconsiderate of motorcycles on the roads, and accidents are normally due to a vehicle not yielding to a motorcyclist or them not seeing them at all. The truth is the majority of motorcycle accidents are not the motorcyclists fault. Helmets can prevent serious injury and reduce the risk of fatalities dramatically when these accidents happen. Wearing a motorcycle helmet can be fun and reflect your personality. There are helmets that have been custom painted with a personal choice of the owner. If you do not want to spend the extra bucks for a custom paint job, you can add some bling to your helmet or even some Mohawk hair, motorcycle helmet hair is a really cool way to get attention from motorists, it will be hard for them to no notice the biker with a purple Mohawk on their helmet. You can find some great Mohawk hair or biker helmet bling from the affordable creative and fun helmet decorations are a great gift for the biker on your list this Christmas...and this Christmas I would say it is a safe bet that we all have a biker on our list.