Monday, October 20, 2008

Bikers on the roadway

The increase in gas prices has brought a whole new line of "bikers" to the roadways. Motorists have always been inconsiderate of motorcycles on the roads, and accidents are normally due to a vehicle not yielding to a motorcyclist or them not seeing them at all. The truth is the majority of motorcycle accidents are not the motorcyclists fault. Helmets can prevent serious injury and reduce the risk of fatalities dramatically when these accidents happen. Wearing a motorcycle helmet can be fun and reflect your personality. There are helmets that have been custom painted with a personal choice of the owner. If you do not want to spend the extra bucks for a custom paint job, you can add some bling to your helmet or even some Mohawk hair, motorcycle helmet hair is a really cool way to get attention from motorists, it will be hard for them to no notice the biker with a purple Mohawk on their helmet. You can find some great Mohawk hair or biker helmet bling from the affordable creative and fun helmet decorations are a great gift for the biker on your list this Christmas...and this Christmas I would say it is a safe bet that we all have a biker on our list.

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