Friday, October 24, 2008


Whether you need a full-face helmet or a DOT helmet, FRENCHY’S HELMETS. They have nothing but the highest in grade of helmets. People at FRENCHY’S HELMETS know motorcycles and riding them so they understand their client’s needs when it comes to FRENCHY’S HELMETS motorcycle helmets. The company also offers novelty and kids helmets too.
If you need a helmet that is not heavy to have on your head try the DOT Flame Shorty Motorcycle Helmet. What is meant by not heavy? It only weighs a slim 30 ounces. This particular helmet is among several DOT Motorcycle Helmets in stock.
Gloss Black Tiger Novelty Motorcycle Helmet is in the novelty class of helmets. This helmet as in other novelty helmets are not DOT approved. This helmet is ultra lightweight but has some strength due to being made from a blend composite that is unique. The interior is felt cushioned with several layers for comfort.
If one needs a helmet that they can wear their goggles with for motocross? Then the DOT ATV Dirt Bike MX Green Camo Motorcycle Helmet is for them. Not only can you wear goggles with this helmet but also you can keep your head drier because of the special padding in it. This is just a sample of what is in the motocross line of helmets.
Some of FRENCHY’S HELMETS motorcycle helmets can have an airbrush design on them. The gloss novelty and the DOT Shorty Helmets can be airbrushed with some neat designs. For the ladies there is a gorgeous airbrushed butterfly done in orange, black and yellow. For the men there are many types of designs including an airbrushed lightening. Helmets are custom painted after they had been wet sanded and given clear coating not once but three times.
One of the new designs at FRENCHY’S HELMETS is the Iridium Motorcycle Helmet. The helmet is made from Iridium chrome, which is comprised of several colors. This unusual chrome causes the colors to morph in the sun that should make for an interesting visual effect. This helmet is no DOT approved.
The Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk can be added to most high-gloss helmets. These Mohawks are a way to get noticed. For parents they can deck their kids out in one and see them more easily in a crowd. Suction cups are used to fasten them to the helmets and they have been tested at speeds of 200 MPH and over.
FRENCHY’S HELMETS also sells kid’s helmets. The DOT ATV Dirt Bike MX Kids BlueG Motorcycle Helmet is one such helmet. It is a motocross helmet sized right for kids comes in 3 sizes. It does have DOT approval. This helmet is in stunning shades of blue, gray, with some black on the outside.
The styles mentioned are only a few of the FRENCHY’S HELMETS motorcycle helmets available. For unique and innovative designs check them out with the rest of the styles. These helmets excluding the novelty ones are designed for safety also. They are highly functional as well as very stylish.

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