Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rodia Helmets

At RODIA Helmets people know about motorcycle riding so they can deliver a quality product to the motorcycle rider. RODIA motorcycle helmets offer anywhere form children helmets to full-face ones. Let’s examine some of the possibilities.

If you are in the market or a lightweight easy to handle-wearing helmet try the DOT Flame Shorty Motorcycle Helmet. This lightweight is part of the DOT Motorcycle Helmets line. What a great helmet feature this helmet has you can take the visor off, as you will. You can also successfully wear your glasses even with the visor attached. The design of a flame is real hip in black and orange.

For a novelty helmet that is nicely padded with felt try the Gloss Black Tiger Novelty Motorcycle Helmet. This extremely light in weight type helmet is part of the novelty helmet line. Novelty helmets are not up to DOT standard of safety though. It is fairly high in strength though due to the material it is made from which is a blend composite.

I you are daredevil enough to do motocross you need protection. Check out this number called DOT ATV Dirt Bike MX Green Camo Motorcycle Helmet. It has a padding that wicks away moisture and can be taken out to be washed. Also this helmet is designed around the fact that some riders want to wear goggles.

For the real artistic motorcycle rider there are many airbrush styles that can be airbrushed on RODIA motorcycle helmets. There are only a select number of helmets that the airbrushing can be done on. Mainly it can be done on DOT Shorty Helmets and the gloss novelty helmets. After going through a special process these helmets are all done separately. The designs include skull, unicorns, lightening and even a butterfly.

A helmet that illuminates with changing colors in the sun is the Iridium Motorcycle Helmet. The composition of this helmet is Iridium chrome made up of different colors together to cause the color changing effect. This is only one of the new helmets that RODIA is offering right now. On the downside this is not a certified DOT helmet.

An addition to high gloss helmets can be a Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk. This is truly for the kids or young at heart. Kids will be easily spotted in an event with one of these. If there is concern of it falling off it has been tested at high velocity. They have a suction cups to keep them in place and on securely.

Lids need to wear helmets too so RODIA has a line of helmets for them. One of the kid's helmets is called DOT ATV Dirt Bike MX Kids BlueG Motorcycle Helmet. This one is decorated in blue, gray and black so the young guys would love it. This motocross helmet not only comes in 3 sizes but also has DOT stamp of approval.

There is plenty more to look at on RODIA motorcycle helmets. Only a small number of the helmets have been mentioned here. These quality helmets are not just quality in functionality but also quality of design. With most of these helmets having the ever-important DOT of approval they are extremely safe.

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