Sunday, January 9, 2011

Replacing Your Motorcycle Helmet

Replace your helmet if it was involved in a crash or was dropped from more than 5 feet up; it probably absorbed some impact shock. Some helmet manufacturers will inspect and, when possible, repair a damaged helmet. If you drop your helmet and think it might be damaged, take advantage of this service.

Most helmet manufacturers recommend replacing your helmet every two years. If you notice any signs of damage before then, replace it sooner.

Why replace your helmet every few years if it doesn't appear damaged?
Its protective qualities may deteriorate with time and wear. The chin strap may fray or loosen at its attaching points; the shell could be chipped or damaged. The best reason is that helmets keep improving. Chances are that the helmet you buy in a couple of years will be better - stronger, lighter, and more comfortable - than the one you own now. It might even cost less!

Can't remember when you bought your present helmet? Check the chin strap or permanent labeling. Since 1974, all helmets must have the month and date of production stamped on it. If there's no date at all, you should definitely replace your helmet - now!

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