Thursday, January 17, 2013

VA Might Abolish Helmet Law

LURAY, Va. -- A new bill in the Virginia General Assembly proposes to change the law when it comes to wearing your helmet on a motorcycle.
Del. Ben Cline introduced the bill that proposes people, who are at least 21 years old, shouldn't be required to wear a helmet at all times while on a motorcycle.
Chief of the Luray Police Department Page Campbell said he disagrees with the bill and that all people at any age should always wear a helmet.
"You may have more experience when it comes to driving, but you can't protect that which you can 't see,” said Chief Campbell, “And that means that we can be the safest drivers in the world, and yet that person coming up beside us, behind us, they may not be."
Campbell said he's seen a lot of accidents in the 30 years he's been working in law enforcement. He said motorcyclists should always wear a helmet for safety.
Motorcycle Helmet Law

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