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Iron Horse Helmets Mocks the Competition

Matthias Sieber is our new best friend. He has written a awesome blog post about us.

Thanks so much.  We love many things at Iron Horse Helmets, mostly looking in the mirror and reading about ourselves.

Warhawk, Pigtails, Guy Fawkes by  | on February 16, 2013
The guys at Iron Horse Helmets sure are something else. While clearly most of people who are stepping outside their four walls once in a while clearly must have seen Mohawks for Motorcycle helmets in the past, I have yet to see Pigtails on a Motorcycle helmet on the street. Yeah, you’ve read correctly: Pigtails on a motorcycle helmet that actually are tested up to 80 mph.

Iron Horse Helmets mock the competition

It’s not so much being disrespectful, but being very confident in themselves. This unique biz even has a link to their competition in the navigation bar. It’s one thing to have a text about your company in which you tell your website visitors that you are very confident in your products and services, but yet another to actually identify your rivals and put links to them on your very own company website. Who else does that?
But it’s not just their presentation that caught my attention. I think all those helmet accessories are cool, but I’m a different type of motorcycle rider. I like it fast - ask my wife ;)
motorcycle kawasaki er6f oschersleben race track germany
Me on my Kawasaki ER6F on the race track in 2011
Usually, I would post this blog post on one of my other blogs. However, given the combination of Guy Fakwes and Motorcycle Helmets, I have to post it on this authority blogging site in order to give Iron Horse Helmets the attention they deserve.
Talking about blogs. They even have their own blog. Go check it out:http://blog.ironhorsehelmets.com
Where’s my credit card? Apart from the helmet accessories and airbrushed motorcycle helmets, it’s the other riding gear that caught my attention. Even in Sunny California, in the shades of the mountains, it can get cold under a helmet and especially around your neck when you’re going fast. A Bandana or Face Mask would come in handy in those situation – even if you’re wearing a full face helmet you’re better protected against nature.
One face mask and one bandana in particular caught my eye.
Vendetta Mask Bandana
Vendetta Mask
This revolutionary bandana is water resistant and protects you not solely from climate, but according to the guys at Iron Horse Helmets, also from sudden outbreaks of authoritarianism. It’s actually a two in one bandana, as the other side is in solid black. This adds some anonymity as well as more fashionable possibilities. It is printed with some sage advice for safe, sane protesting with thoughts on dealing with the police, how to dress for protest success, and important numbers to call in the event of interactions with the law. These features should be enough to let you know it’s truly a must-have item to protect yourself against the New World Order!
What’s the deal with the Fawkes Mask? For a history lesson on Guy Fawkes, jump over to Wikipedia.
Guy Fawkes Neoprene Face Mask
Guy Fawkes Neoprene Face Mask

This is another mask for the liberty loving biker. Most of your face is covered with this one-size fits most mask. It has vent holes for ears and mouth and you can wear (tinted) googles with it for extra anonymity. Just like the bandana, is is reversible as well, as the other side displays solid black material. And it looks great, doesn’t it?
I’m continuing shopping at Iron Horse Helmets now, so I can ride in style to the next Empower Network event, where we’ll be all wearing Guy Fawkes masks again.
guy fawkes masks at empower network event
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