Friday, March 15, 2013

Messing with a Spammer

Have you tried our live chat button? We have a slave named Dave who sits in front of a computer all day and answers your questions.

There is only one problem, Dave thinks his job is boring.

Sometimes, Dave gets spammers who try to reach us through our live chat.

You don't want to be that spammer! That is like talking with a widow in a nursing home....

Dave was very proud of himself today, below is his conversation with that spammer. BTW, the spammer was in India. I think Richard is a strange name for a guy in India.

9:09:07 AM: Richard: Hi, I need some assistance
9:09:07 AM: Welcome Richard! Your request has been directed to the Customer Service department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.
9:09:10 AM: Call accepted by operator Dave. Currently in room: Dave.
9:09:24 AM: Dave: That is my job. What can I help you with?
9:10:09 AM: Richard: Hi, Dave how are you
9:10:20 AM: Dave: Fine thanks.
9:11:14 AM: Richard: I am Richard from eAssistance Pro, one of the fastest growing live chat software provider and we are providing 3 months free live chat solution and to know more you can visit our website
9:11:46 AM: Dave: So yo don't really need my assistance. This is a sales pitch. So you lied!
9:11:46 AM: Richard: the tool has certain distinguishing features like Live Chat Buttons, Operator Pictures, Chat Surveys etc.
9:12:46 AM: Richard: this is not a sales pitch as we are providing a 3 months free live chat solution and I have also given you the details of our company
9:13:16 AM: Dave: That sounds like a sales pitch to me. What would you call it?
9:14:54 AM: Richard: No, We are not here for sales but we are here to tell you about our tool, as it is free it depends on your needs and wants to test the tool
9:15:28 AM: Dave: But it is only free for 3 months, then we would have to pay. That sounds like sales.
9:15:43 AM: Richard: and for further things we can send you the whole things to your email from our manager email id tarun@eassistancepro.comn
9:15:51 AM: Richard: sorry .com
9:16:16 AM: Dave: So you also want to spam me?
9:17:05 AM: Richard: No, you can compare the cost after using it for free for 3 months You can compare the cost of the tool with others also through
9:17:49 AM: Richard: we are not spamming
9:18:18 AM: Dave: Sending me e-mail I did not ask for is Spamming.
9:19:09 AM: Richard: so what do you want You can download the tool from the given link.
9:19:21 AM: Richard: these all things are not spam
9:19:26 AM: Richard: ok..
9:19:57 AM: Dave: Why do I want to download something. It might have a virus.
9:20:55 AM: Richard: as we are the fastest growing company then we are not here to spam you ok as I have also given you the comparison pricing after using the tool for free for 3 months
9:21:15 AM: Richard: its your wish 9:21:38 AM: Richard: ok..
9:21:54 AM: Dave: How do I know your a fast growing company? You could lie. You started this off with a lie when you said you needed my help.
9:22:01 AM: Richard: as we are professionals and not a spammers
9:22:14 AM: Dave: Who is WE?
9:22:22 AM: Richard: our company
9:23:09 AM: Richard: if you want to test it then you can test it otherwise it highly depends on you
9:23:20 AM: Dave: How do I know you are a real company and not someone in their underwear?
9:25:03 AM: Richard: you can contact us about our company personnel through our live chat tool that we are providing ok
9:25:40 AM: Dave: What are you wearing?
9:28:15 AM: Richard is now off-line and may not reply. Currently in room: Dave.

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