Saturday, March 23, 2013

Non Iron Horse Customer

So these are the people giving us negative reviews. This correspondence below is not even one of our customers.... like we are the only company in the world that sells Mohawks. I might have told her it was not ours, but she needs to learn how to use apostrophes.  Just so you know, we sent her a mohawk anyway...Even though she did not order from us.  She deserved it after the torture we put her through!

Non Iron Horse Customer: I would just like to say that I ordered a mohawk and was not impressed when it came and didnt have suction cups. I did not have time to
return it because we needed it for a race but it attached by Velcro not suction cup. Thanks, ---

Iron Horse Customer Service: Please tell me your order number and I will check into it.
Non Iron Horse Customer: Order # 100014602 (THIS IS NOT ONE OF OUR ORDER NUMBERS)

Iron Horse Customer Service: Thanks, I will have the warehouse look into it and e-mail you.

Non Iron Horse Customer: Any word on the mohawk yet?

Iron Horse Customer Service: Yes, we checked into it. You said you did not have time to return it so I did not know what you wanted to do.

Non Iron Horse Customer: What do I want you to do do about it? Really? Make it right. Obviously you sent the wrong thing and you dont plan on fixing the situation? That is the worst customer service ever. We get asked by several people at races where we go his mohawk, and if you do NOT fix it, I would not hesitate to never recommend your company. If anything send me the product I ordered. geez...I am not impressed with your company.

Iron Horse Customer Service: Sure, I can send you a return label to send the other one back and exchange it. I was just confused because you said you did not have the time to exchange it.

Non Iron Horse Customer: And even though it has been used you will accept it

Iron Horse Customer Service: You used it and you did not plan on keeping it?

Non Iron Horse Customer: Yes, I used it. I needed it for a race. You apparently are not understanding me. You are treating me like I am stupid and this is your mistake. Nevermind making it right. I will keep the wrong item and just let everyone I know that your customer service sucks and you wont fix the mistakes you make. I hope your website has a review section. I have had it. You do not stand by something you screwed up. You have to be kidding me. This is so unprofessional. If my company did not stand behind what they did we would be out of business. Ugh.
I want you to either send the correct product or refund my money. Preferably send the correct product. If you cant help me with that then I do not want you to do anything.
Iron Horse Customer Service: You want us to send you another one and you want to keep the one you have?

Iron Horse Customer Service: I don't understand why you are accusing me of being rude. What have I said that was rude?

Non Iron Horse Customer: I am done. Dont do anything to help. You are unprofessional and your tone sucks. I do not wish to recieve any future e mails. You are making it nearly impossible to get the product I ordered and you have talked down to me several times. I will be sure to let everyone I know how you run your company. Thank you for nothing

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