Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Same Question...Everyday

Dan e-mailed us last night with a question we seem to get every single day.  Except Dan asked it a little different...Dan actually uses punctuation and grammar.

Dan- It was a relief to see your e-mail and have faith in the education system again.  Your reward is that I will actually answer your question.  

Hello Ironhorse.

My name is Dan and I am looking for a cool looking helmet like Jesse James wears. I found out it is one of yours, but it is the Novelty class. I need one as cool looking but DOT certified. I had found the one Outlaw makes, but can’t seem to buy one as all the sites claim they are out of stock and possibly out of production. They claim theirs is the lowest profile helmet made. I have some German helmets that sit too high on my head and look cartoonish (HCI). Would your DOT helmet look or appear to sit on the head the same way your novelty helmet does? I guess I am asking if the shell for the DOT is a little bigger to compensate for the thicker padding than the novelty helmet, or do you use the same one? The pictures make the same type look different from one cert. to the other. Please help. I have already spent good dollars on shipping charges for the ugly ill fitting helmets I’ve purchased thus far. Thanks, Dan from Des Moines. Hello
Dan- Seems like you looking for a DOT Novelty Motorcycle Helmet?  In other words, a Motorcycle Helmet that looks like a novelty helmet but just happens to be DOT.

Well, have I got news for you.


Food for thought, if DOT would approve such a helmet, then why would there be a market for novelty helmets? Deep isn't it.

In plain English: Any DOT Motorcycle Helmet will still give you that mushroom look.

In German: Motorradhelm noch geben Sie die Pilze suchen
In French: Casque de moto sera toujours vous donner ce look champignons

In Finnish: Moottoripyörä Helmet vielä teille, että sieni näyttää

Even Hebrew: אופנוע קסדה ימשיך לתת לך את המבט פטריות

How about in Urdu: موٹر سائیکل ہیلمیٹ کیا آپ اب بھی ہے کہ مشروم نظر دے گا (no clue what or where Urdu is, but it looked cool on the Google Translator)

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