Monday, April 29, 2013

Do You Think Novelty Helmets Offer 0% Protection?

Eileen from Kabul, Afghanistan....Seriously, she is in Kabul and we are her biggest worry??? Wrote us the following e-mail:

Why would you sell a motorcycle helmet that provides NO protection. No one wears a helmet for style?? They either wear it to deceive police and are in a state of denial themselves about injuries sustained in accidents or for some, because it is cheap and they actually think it provides some protection. I hope you guys can't sleep at night knowing what you are producing and selling. It is an ugly way to make a buck!


We would like your opinion, fellow readers (all 2 of you)!  send us a e-mail and let us know your thoughts on Novelty Helmets.
Is it a ugly way to make a buck?
Is Eileen Summers right that they offer NO protection?
Does no one wear a novelty helmet for looks?

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gregplus said...

Ellen, if people choose not to wear helmets, they shouldn't be forced to wear one. I myself do wear one, but when I was younger I would rather not have worn one, so I wore a novelty helmet. This novelty helmet I wore, wound up covered with stickers (not the normal biker stickers that you see, because I'm weird like that) and one could say it was customized. The reason people wear these helmet is sort of a protest. They know they can get away with this minimal helmet, and it is much more comfortable than any dot helmet. Even cops that ride wear them. IHH states that these helmets are not for use as a protective helmet. People that buy them are not looking for a protective helmet. If those that purchase them would rather have a custom looking helmet that draws attention by saying "Hey look at my Non DOT helmet that you can't do sh*T about it", than wear a DOT helmet, it is their choice. There are plenty of places to get one and why not get the most unique one you can get, if you are into that. Is this, after all, still a free country? (sometimes I do wonder about that last question myself.)

Are you are the type of person that if you owned a spoon store and someone fat came in there, you would refuse to let them purchase a spoon because that might make them fatter? Are you good with Bloomberg's ban on soda's bigger than 16 oz? What are you doing in Afghanistan, anyway?

Thanks for reading, my name is G.