Saturday, April 13, 2013

Iron Horse Helmets Business Consulting

Iron Horse Helmets is always looking for ways to make extra money.  We are thinking about opening up "Iron Horse Helmets Business Consulting."  Iron Horse Helmets Business Consulting is going to start offering gigs as of right now.  Here is our first gig:

So you've got someone mad at you. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Unfortunately, they are about 3 times as likely as any of your happy customers to tell their friends about what a bad experience they had. Damage control! It can be hard to write a letter to a difficult person - especially when you're personally involved. Not to worry, I'll write it for you! I've been dealing with difficult customers since 1999 and I can deal with yours! If your business is about to get slammed by an angry customer, you can't afford to pass up this gig! For just 5 cold beers we'll calm them down and get them back in the doors to give you another opportunity to do it right!

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