Saturday, April 27, 2013

Iron Horse Helmets University of Business Management Development Leadership

Business is a lot like soccer because they both have goals. They’re also both done by people, and they both happen in pre-determined places, but we’re not going to talk about those parts. We’re going to focus on the goals for today’s lesson here at the Iron Horse Helmets University of Business Management Development Leadership.
Now, business goals are not exactly the same as soccer goals. For example, they don’t involve nets, unless you’re in the net industry or the booby (I said booby) trap industry. But they are similar in a lot of ways. Like, in soccer, business and love making, getting goals is a good thing.
And not just one either. In the motorcycle helmet business, you want to set multiple goals to be achieved at different times throughout your helmet business’s lifespan. Here are some guidelines for what kinds of goals to set for how far in the future:
1 year goals: set some simple goals to achieve in your first year. For example, “open your business” would be a good goal. Don’t be so ambitious that you’ll set yourself up for failure, though. Like, instead of “make a butt load of money” say, “make a tiny butt’s worth of money.”
5 year goals: these should be a little bit bigger. Like, “introduce a new line of motorcycle helmet.” No matter what you decide on, make sure one of them is “Keep your helmet business in business.” You really don’t want to forget about that.
10 year goals: assume you’ve achieved all your five year goals. What would you want to do then? These goals should be pretty vague, because stuff might happen along the way that you can’t account for. For example, you don’t want to say, “introduce a new dental cleaning product,” because with advances in medical technology, we might not need teeth in ten years. That’s why a better goal would be, “Do something mouth-related.”
20 year goals: This is where you should put “make a butt load of money,” because seriously, if you’re doing something for 20 years and you’re not making bank, it’s like what’s wrong with you?
30 year goals: make these vaguer than any of the others. Like, just write down “business?” or “achieve further success.” Although, even writing 30 year goals is kinda silly considering we’ll probably have found a new planet to live on by then where there’s no money, only happiness.

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