Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Way to Patent Something We Have Been Selling For 8 Years.

From all the patents that I see on the Google Patent search, this is the one that made me at peace with myself. Finally! Finally someone has patented something we have been selling for 8 years....... helmet horns
Yes that is right. "Inventor" Michael L. Henry, inventor of the hands-free trash barrel lid opener (link), the cable spool support frame (link), the method and system for producing engine sounds of a simulated vehicle (link) and many others important inventions, has patented the motorcycle helmet horn.
Michael even went as far as to diagram one of our metal spike strips and patented that design.

Thank you Michael for providing such great entertainment in our normally boring lives....

Now my real question is... is this a guy who chases down ideas and if they're not patented, files one so that he can go Apple on them?

Click here to read the Helmet Horn patent

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