Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Customer Question

Hello my friend,
I've been wearing a novelty helmet for years and its pretty ratty now. Anyway I'm looking for a new helmet. I would like be get a DOT helmet in a extended lid type. Is there a DOT that doesn't make you look like a bobble head. Is there a novelty that offers any kind of protection. Your time and thoughts would greatly be appreciated.

Respectfully, Rocky Sommers


Our Answer:  Funny you ask for a small looking DOT motorcycle helmet because  I am looking for
1. A politician that does not lie
2. Unicorns
3. Free lunch
4. A really good light beer
5. Leprechauns
6. Honest Lawyers
7. Cure for Cancer
8. The Tooth Fairy
9. Bigfoot
10. Cheap Gas
11. Gold at the End of the Rainbow
12. World Peace
13.  Words that rhyme with Scalp and Orange
14. A cop when you need one
15. A wife who laughs at my jokes

Unfortunately, the items I want don't exist and the item you want does not exist either.

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