Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Crash Light on Motorcycle Helmet?

Flashing LED strips for motorcycle helmets TRIGGERED BY IMPACT SENSING G SWITCHES. Makes riders visible to other vehicles if they go down.

Motorcycle accidents are bad, but can become much worse when a rider goes down, then gets hit by a car because they can't be seen. Imagine a rider falling or crashing at night; whether or not they are seriously injured by the fall, they are in incredible danger of being hit without something to draw attention to them. My idea is to simply have LED strips that can be attached to the helmet, that are triggered by an impact sensing "G" switch, or switches. This type of switch will either open or close a circuit once a specified amount of force is put on it. They are used in emergency locator transmitters in airplanes. So when the rider falls, the impact, whether hard or soft, (reason for two different range G switches) the LED strips with be turned on, making them more visible. The switches themselves are quite small, and the LED strip could be very basic, so as not to interfere with the look or style of the helmet. Unlike the pictures I used for the basic idea, these could be very stylish and unobtrusive to the look. I'm a young rider so I understand the importance of having to look cool. The strips could be mounted on the front, back, sides, or all three. Completely up to the user. It would have best to have two different G switches, of different force ranges, be part of the system to allow the lights to be triggered by both lighter falls, and heavy crashes. - Two impact sensing switches with different "G" different ranges, to allow for different levels of crashes

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