Friday, June 28, 2013

Rules For Dating My Daughter T-Shirt change

We have sold a lot of the Rules For Dating My Daughter T-Shirt.  We had just one problem, we did not think the rules were the least bit funny.....So we changed them.  Check out our new Rules For Dating My Daughter T-Shirt.

1. Make my daughter cry, I make you cry
2. I love my daughter, I hate you
3. I own a Glock
4. If you're not early, you're late
5. Treat her like a princess, or I treat you like stuff I scrape off my boot
6. Hurt my daughter, take your whupping like a man - I hate all that begging crap
7. Don't even think about her like "that"
8. My daughter is an angel, you are the devil
9. It is always your fault
10. I don't mind going back to prison

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