Thursday, August 22, 2013

Suggestion from a Canadian

To whom it may concern,

Your three and four inch German helmet spikes are very nice to look at, but they bring to mind the thoroughly horrible mental image of the damage they might do by following the path of least resistance during a crash, and it is a shame that style must be sacrificed for safety. Have you considered producing an otherwise identical spike cast in silicone? These could be manufactured in a variety of attractive, realistic finishes and could be glued onto the helmet, thus avoiding the obvious hazards inherent to screwing in hard metal spikes. Instead of penetrating the human skull and causing death or severe injury, the spike would instead deform harmlessly upon impact and spring back to its original shape once the pressure is relieved, all the while retaining a convincing metallic appearance. This product doesn't exist, but perhaps it should. I would buy such a product if it existed, and it would be relatively inexpensive to commission and manufacture. If this existed, it might enable your spiked helmets to also fulfill DOT standards.

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