Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Horror Used in Thailand to Promote Motorcycle Safety

Here's another piece of reality to make you think twice before riding a motorcycle without a helmet.
It is completely disheartening to see how many riders disregard this elementary safety precaution, and Asia is probably the home of helmetless riding. What's even gloomier is the fact that these guys don't seem to understand that one does not need to ride at a high speed, for a fatal crash.

Basically, a person could crack their skull even when hitting the pavement hard, after tripping on the sidewalk. However, sidewalks are infinitely safer than riding on two wheels in traffic. As abrupt as it may seem, we have to admit the Thai Health Promotion Foundation are spot on, with this campaign. It is weird, but remember that TAC's ads shaved off around 50% of the accidents since their debut.

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