Monday, September 9, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen.... I introduce to you skull neoprene face mask #5239

One of our very favorite things (besides burritos) is making another new neoprene face mask.

Ladies and Gentlemen (like any of our customers are ladies or gentleman) I introduce to you skull neoprene face mask #5239.

Oh, you say that we have not had that many skull neoprene face masks yet? Well, it sure as hell feels like we have!

At first glance, this skull mouth face mask looks like just another skull face mask. Which it is, except for the name. Yep, we put mouth after the skull part so it is a whole new name.

We made ‘it from high-end French (not really) neoprene, which has a subtle heather texture similar to fine suit cloth. So it looks sophisticated — and feel slumped-on-the-couch comfy like your favorite pair of old sweats.

More than a skull neoprene face mask, it's an experiment in sartorial subterfuge. In the office or on the road, rest assured that this skull mouth face mask will make any day feel like Casual Friday. But no one will be the wiser....unless you work in a bank.

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