Monday, September 30, 2013

The Cops Hate Kenneth Bruins

Kenneth Bruins sent us this e-mail today so watch out California rider:

Pulled over on Hwy 76 Oceanside. Got wrote up for 2 infractions on helmet.#1 non dot, #2 non safety. Turned a red light on me, gave me no reason for why he pulled me over. Just asked for my helmet, wrote the citations. Got my buddy too because he pulled over with me. Told me to put my helmet in my bag. Asked him where we could buy a helmet on Sunday morn., he said try k-mart. They do not stock helmets. Stranded along side Hwy. 76 for about 3 hrs. Found out from another Harley rider who got a ticket that morning for a helmet non-dot that there was a motorcycle shop only a quarter mile away that was open. Could have crawled there. Oceanside police dept. motorcycle cop was a piece of work. Booked a court appointment for Thursday evening check-in 5:pm North County traffic annex. They wanted $364.00 to pay on line.
I think Ken has earned a free Fuckin Cops Motorcycle Helmet Sticker.

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