Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hellrazor Face Mask

Iron Horse Helmets salutes Scott McVay for hand making this awesome Halloween Hellrazor (his name) face mask.

Not only is Scott good at making masks, he also is married to a extremely hot chick.....

Iron Horse Helmets double salutes Scott for his mask making, his lady attracting and his clean desk.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin motorcycle helmet

Halloween is tomorrow night and we have the perfect motorcycle helmet for you to make.  Check out this pumpkin motorcycle helmet.  It's not to late to make one.
Pumpkin motorcycle helmet

Monday, October 28, 2013

Everything looks better from inside of a motorcycle helmet.

We found this advertisement that says, "Everything looks better from inside of a motorcycle helmet."
Have you also found that most chicks also look better wearing a motorcycle helmet?  I sure have.

A motorcycle helmet is the best accessory for a lady with a million dollar body and a food stamp face!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Product write up of the week!

skull crossbones face mask
How, exactly, shall we address the trend of eco-consciousness that’s sweeping the fashion world like a bulldozer through a rain-forest? Should our Red Skull Crossbones Neoprene Face Mask, for example, be crafted from composted coffee grounds and fair-trade dreadlocks, with buttons molded from small-batch organic tofu?

On the contrary! This Red Skull Crossbones Neoprene Face Mask represent the epitome of fashion contrarianism — why, it’s woven into their very fabric! Our militant fans insist that this Red Skull Crossbones Neoprene Face Mask be different at all costs, even if a rookery of Emperor penguins is vaporized in the process.

That’s why our engineers set out to create the most environmentally unfriendly Neoprene Face Mask ever. They might look “green,” but rest assured that they were fabricated using the most diabolical, Gaia-dissing methods possible. It’s what you asked for. We hope you’re happy.

So, exactly how un-green is the Red Skull Crossbones Neoprene Face Mask?

  • The factory we built to produce 'em is made of only the stoutest, most ancient redwoods, transported via smoke-belching steamships from the forests of Northern California to a leaky, repurposed oil platform that was thoughtfully anchored to the Great Barrier Reef.
  • This Red Skull Crossbones Neoprene Face Mask was sewn with thread came from the fibers of the now-extinct Cattus Vinum flower, which had contained a pollen that scientists believed could cure every form of cancer.
  • Thanks to their steady, nimble paws, the actual sewing was performed by a leap of endangered snow leopards.
  • Each Red Skull Crossbones Neoprene Face Mask was glazed with 20 pounds of ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons to ensure that the fabric stays soft and supple through repeated washings
  • It was then flown around the world 15 times, for no particular reason.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Iron Horse Helmets has gone punk!

punk face mask
I bet you think that Iron Horse Helmets employees only listen to country and rock....You are wrong!

We also like punk, and not that new punk either.  We do not consider Green Day punk, we just consider them horrible.

Check out our new punk face masks to celebrate our love for making money in the face mask section of our website. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

HJC FG-JET Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

HJC FG-JET Helmet Open Face
HJC FG-JET Helmet Open Face
HJC FG-JET Motorcycle Helmet Open Face

HJC has been making some of the best helmets in the industry for years and now the new HJC FG-Jet Helmet is taking the market by storm. The HJC FG-Jet White Helmet is made from a superior fiberglass composite shell. The HJC FG-Jet White Helmet shell design has been made in 3 different sizes but all replacement pads are the same and fit each shell. The FG-Jet is a comfortable fit and is made with a removable interior for that is washable and has moisture wicking properties. The ACS ventilation system is also a main feature of this HJC FG-Jet White Helmet. It allow moisture and humidity to be pushed out while still keeping you cool on the inside. The HJC FG-Jet White helmet has a 3 position sun shield that is easily deployed and the face shield is a quick slide technology, with no tools.

HJC FG-JET Motorcycle Helmet Open Face Features Below:


HJC FG-JET Helmet Cutting edge open face design with inner sunshield
Advanced Fiberglass Composite Shell
Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology
For more comfortable fit, FG-JET comes in 3 different shells
1st. shell for XS-S sizing, 2nd. for M-L sizing and 3rd. for XL-2XL sizing.
HJC FG-JET Helmet UV-Treated Faceshield
SilverCool™ Interior
Moisture-wicking and odor-free liners wh advanced silver anti-bacterial fabric
Crown and cheek pads are fully removable and washable.
QuickSlide™ Shield Replacement System
Quick, secure, tool-less removal and installation.
HJC FG-JET White Helmet 3D Anti-Scratch clear shield
"ACS" Advanced Channeling Ventilation System
Full front to back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out
All sizes of cheek pads are interchangeable in all helmet sizes.
One-touch Integrated Sunshield
Three positions for sunshield sliding lever which is adjustable
HJC FG-JET Helmet Smoke tinted Sunshield deploys quickly and eastily.
DOT Approved

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rules for dating my daughter shirt

We have been selling this "rules for dating my daughter" shirt for a really long time.
Rules for dating my daughter shirt

But, Iron Horse Helmets can not just sit back and make a lot of money, we have to mess with a good thing and change it up.  Please let us know if you like our new Rules for dating my daughter shirt or our old Rules for dating my daughter shirt better:

Rules for dating my daughter shirt

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


budweiser motorcycle helmet
We don't often love motorcycle helmets that we don't sell, but we are not afraid to make exceptions.  This Budweiser motorcycle helmet is cool.....And trust me, I know cool!

How am I so sure that I am cool?  I have seen Pulp Fiction like 12 times.  That make me cool.

Monday, October 21, 2013

New DOT Stickers

We have now changed our DOT Stickers. Why have we changed them? Because these are the ones that are really used on DOT motorcycle helmets.

Will our DOT stickers fool the cops? No, any cop can look at a helmet and see that it is a novelty helmet. How can he tell? Easy, if the motorcycle helmet does not look like a mushroom on your head, then it must be a novelty helmet and not DOT approved!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Skull face masks

Say what you will about Iron Horse Helmets, but you can't fault our ability to pander. So when we noticed that our skull face masks have been selling like gangbusters lately, we thought "MOAR BONY SKULLS!"

We are therefore thrilled to announce that, starting today, we will only sell designs that feature cute, bony members of the human family. We're calling it "Skull.Ironhorsehelmets," and it's going to revolutionize the way the world shops for skull masks online.

Hey hey, hey -- where are you going? We're still going to sell your favorite funny, pop-culture designs! They will just feature a SKULL Doctor Who and a Bone Captain Picard instead of those boring ol' horses.

What's that? Zan has started selling badger masks? BLAST IT. They're always one step ahead.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rowlf Motorcycle Helmet Cover

Check out our newest motorcycle helmet cover.  This guys name is Rowlf and he will be available in November.
Rowlf Motorcycle Helmet Cover

Friday, October 18, 2013

HJC IS-MAX BT Full Face Modular Helmet

HJC IS-MAXBT Black Full Face Modular Helmet

Chatterbox XBi2-H Wireless Intercom Compatible
• Built-in recess pocket with panel cover allows the XBi2-H unit (sold separately) to integrate with the IS-Max BT helmet, minimizing wind resistance and creating an ergonomic design.
Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell
• Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology.
• Aerodynamic shell with large eye-port for greater visibility.
• Impact absorbing, multiple density, EPS liner.

Flip-up Chin Bar and Face Shield
• Single-button release allows chin bar/face shield to be easily opened or closed with either hand.
• Flip-up chin bar makes communicating with your helmet on easier and wearing glasses more comfortable.

ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System
• Multi stage intake vents combine with rear exit vents to provide flow-through ventilation.
• Chin bar intake vent provides airflow across the shield interior to help eliminate shield fogging.

SilverCool Removable/Washable Interior Lining
• Moisture-wicking and odor-free interior with advanced SilverCool antibacterial fabric.
• Comfortable, removable and washable.

SunShield Visor System
• One-touch integrated smoke-tinted SunShield (U.S. Patent Pending 11/335,855) deploys and retracts quickly and easily.
• Adjustable to three positions.

HJ-17 Shield and Quickslide Shield Replacement System
• QuickSlide shield replacement system allows for quick, secure and tool-less shield removable and installation.
• Optically correct face shield offers 95 percent UV protection.

Nylon Strap-Retention Band
• Neatly secures chin strap.

DOT approved

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Robyn does not know us well!

We received a email from Robyn asking "we want to buy 2 animal motorcycle helmet covers could you provide me with a good price for both pleeeeaaase x x."

Robyn obsessively does not know the Iron Horse Helmets sarcasm team very well.  First, we would never offer a discount to someone who does not capitalize the beginning of a sentence.  

Second, you spelled please wrong.  

Third, I saw this picture at a local coffee shop and I thought I would share it with you:

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Awesome Motorcycle Helmet Art

We did not design this, and we did not order it...But we did find it on the internet. It was drawn by someone at Design By Humans

We don't know who you are; but we like motorcycle helmets, we like apes and we now like you.  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Motorcycle helmet gets built-in heads-up display

Would-be RoboCops will love this.
Motorcycle helmet gets built-in heads-up display
Reevu, inventors of the world’s first motorcycle helmet with a built-in rear view mirror, has now enhanced that system with a heads up display.

Overlaid onto a mirror just above the wearer’s line of site, the display is being developed to provide various types of information for racers and road riders, including GPS and performance data, engine diagnostics and communications.

Reevu is working on a motorsports version first, and the British company tells that it will be about 18-24 months before an accredited product is available, but expects prices to start at about $1,000.

In the meantime, you could pick up one of Reevu’s standard flip-front helmets for $479.95 and try jamming a Google Glass in there, but good luck getting your hands on one of those.
Motorcycle helmet gets built-in heads-up display

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Many Illegal Activities in Progress Enter At your own Risk

The warehouse guys (that's right, no girls work in the warehouse) want to hang this sign on the door.  What do you think?
Funny warehouse sign

Friday, October 11, 2013

Man recounts how helmet saved him in motorcycle crash

We've all heard how crucial it is to wear a helmet when riding a bike or a motorcycle, but a local man is now putting that advice in perspective after surviving a motorcycle crash.

That crash sent him sliding down a street and he says his helmet saved his life.

"I know a lot of guys who wouldn't put a helmet on for a six-mile ride," said crash survivor Byron Drew. He said a simple decision to wear a helmet on his motorcycle is the reason he's alive today.

"The couple of seconds it took for me to put my helmet on in the morning, I think saved my life," said Drew.

The Millington resident has ridden motorcycles for 20 years without ever being in an accident, until Tuesday morning, when he hit a deer less than a mile away from his house.

"I remember sliding down the road and seeing nothing but sparks because my bike was sliding down the road," recalled Drew.

He walked away from the accident with some large scrapes across his body, but his wife Heather says without a helmet, Drew's injuries could have been much worse.

I can't imagine what his head would look now like if there hadn't been anything there to protect it," said Heather Drew.

TV5 visited the site of the crash, where blood and skid marks from the accident are still visible on the pavement.

"A $75 helmet is worth pennies compared to what it could have cost my wife and family," said Drew.

The state allows motorcyclists to decide for themselves whether to wear a helmet or not. Drew hopes his story encourages other riders to also choose to wear a helmet.

"I'm choosing to live because of a $75 helmet and the few seconds to put it on, now I hope to be around for 45 more years," said Drew.

The Center for Disease Control says helmets reduce the risk of death by 37 percent. The state of Michigan has what's called a partial helmet law, which requires anyone 20 years or under to wear one.

Copyright 2013 WNEM (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


XBi2H-PLUS Chatterboxed
XBi2H-PLUS Chatterboxed

The Chatterbox Moderate range models are ideal for riders in small to medium size groups of up to 16 people. They feature CDMA technology for communication, which allows them to be much smaller in size. This technology allows full duplex (conference call type) conversations between a max of 16 riders (bike to bikes or rider to passenger) at up to 1/2 mile. The XBi2-H Plus features Bluetooth which allows you to pair with up to two accessory devices (cell phone, GPS, mp3/iPOD) at the same time. Each model can also sync to one another for communication. The XBi2-H Plus is designed specifically for the HJC brand line of bluetooth ready helmets. The XBi2-H Plus uses a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery capable of 8-10 hours of talk time with 20 hours standby.
XBi2H-PLUS Chatterboxed

XBi2H-PLUS Chatterboxed

The XBi2-H Plus includes the following: Unit, noise suppression Hi-Fidelity headset, factory installed Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, mounting cradle, wall charger and users manual.


  • Wireless intercom capable up to 16 users
  • Listen to music while getting voice direction from GPS wirelessly
  • Answer and receive phone calls
  • True Hi-Fi stereo speakers and noise suppression microphone
  • 6 to 8 hours of talk time and 20 hours of standby
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Communicate with XBi2H Plus and/or XBi2 Plus models
  • XBi2H Plus unit with factory installed rechareable lithium polymer battery
  • Noise suppression Hi-Fi headset with Cradle and mounting hardware
  • USB charging cable and AC adapter
  • Owner’s manual

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Check out our new mask

Our new hard rubber skull face masks are here. I rode around with one yesterday and people loved me.

I can tell you that this mask was about the most uncomfortable thing I have ever worn, but I will use it again because it looked so cool!

Monday, October 7, 2013

This week customers photos

Today is the start of a new blog section. We are going to start putting customer photos on the blog.

We would like to thank Taylor Hansen, Ernest Rowell, Kim Levitin & Julie Chan for these cool pictures of them wearing our rubber motorcycle helmet mohawks.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Baby Motorcycle Helmet Photo Prop

baby motorcycle helmet
Kristi Dalton sent us this image yesterday. It is some Baby sleeping our old Matte black shorty motorcycle helmet.

I am not sure if we should be proud or embarrassed of this picture.

Sure, it is cute and all....But Iron Horse Helmets is a manly company.....We have a reputation to protect.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

HJC IS-16 Ramper MC5 Full Face Helmet

HJC IS-16 Ramper Full Face Helmet
HJC IS-16 Ramper Full Face Helmet
HJC IS-16 Ramper Full Face Helmet
 • Advanced lightweight polycarbonate composite shell • One touch, patent pending, integrated SunShield
 • Smoke-tinted Sun Shield deploys quickly and easily: Three stage multiple positions with locking mechanism
 • ACS - Advanced Channeling Ventilation System: Full front to back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out
 • AccuSight anti-fog treated face shield: Hard coated optically superior 3D shield design providing 95% UV protection
 • 2-Stage shield closure mechanism • SilverCool anti-bacterial moisture-wicking and odor-free fabric • Removable moisture-wicking and odor-free interior with advanced silver anti-bacterial fabric
 • DOT approved

Friday, October 4, 2013

Are your novelty helmets DEA Approved?

We received a call today from someone asking, "Are your novelty helmets DEA Approved?"

Well, the DEA has never told us not to sell helmets and I don't think there is a pocket in them to hold Cocaine, so yes, yes our novelty helmets are DEA Approved.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Luxy Helmet is finally here!

Luxy Motorcycle Helmet
The Luxy Helmet is finally here! It has real red leather on the inside and all the ladies will love it.
Luxy is an iconic woman’s motorcycle helmet used during commutes and casual motorcycle riding.

The concept is inspired by Sixties Mod Era and hairstyles to bring an iconic fashion style into current helmets. Since many riders are women, the distinct and unique look give it a competitive edge from existing helmets. It also inspires women to be proud and glamorous riders.
This motorcycle helmet is retro and modern at the same time....So Cool!

Available in all sizes XS-XL. Please refer to the Size Chart page for your size.

Please note that this helmet is novelty at this time. Because of such high demand, cheapness of our boss and pure laziness in management.....We have not had time to test it for DOT certification yet.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Joke of the Day

This wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't so true! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Iron Horse Helmets on Social Media

Did you know that we are on social media?  Why, I don't know...We don't do much with it, but we are still on it.  I wish the boss would just give it up.

Here are our social media links:
Face Book: