Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Luxy Helmet is finally here!

Luxy Motorcycle Helmet
The Luxy Helmet is finally here! It has real red leather on the inside and all the ladies will love it.
Luxy is an iconic woman’s motorcycle helmet used during commutes and casual motorcycle riding.

The concept is inspired by Sixties Mod Era and hairstyles to bring an iconic fashion style into current helmets. Since many riders are women, the distinct and unique look give it a competitive edge from existing helmets. It also inspires women to be proud and glamorous riders.
This motorcycle helmet is retro and modern at the same time....So Cool!

Available in all sizes XS-XL. Please refer to the Size Chart page for your size.

Please note that this helmet is novelty at this time. Because of such high demand, cheapness of our boss and pure laziness in management.....We have not had time to test it for DOT certification yet.

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