Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Motorcycle Helmet Bow

Motorcycle Helmet Mohawks are so 2010.   Motorcycle Helmet Bows are so 2014! We just got in these motorcycle helmet bows that you will never ever see on my helmet.  Why will you never see me with one?  Because I am a dude!  These helmet bows are like Hello Kitty girly.  Here are some facts about them:

Helmet Bows are: - 5.93" Length, 2" Widest Part, 1.5" Center Width
- Interchangeable
- Waterproof
- Made out of recycled materials
- Coated with epoxy resin
- Tested on a helmet at speeds up to 130 mph
- Applied to a helmet with industrial Velcro that will not damage or leave residue
- Created with patience, love, and inspected carefully to withstand the toughest ride and appeal to the most chic rider
- Each bow is handmade and will each have unique "effects"
- Please understand the bow will gradually show natural wear over time

NOTE: Helmets not included.
motorcycle helmet bow

motorcycle helmet bow

motorcycle helmet bow

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