Thursday, February 13, 2014

McBolt is on his Soapbox

We received this e-mail from a guy who calls himself McBolt. Why did he send this to us? No idea, but it was well written so we will post it:

Only 4% of all motorcycle deaths are due to head trauma. Something the “death” figures never quite show. Also, unless comparing the increasing number of accidents with registered motorcycles or licensed drivers, the figure means nothing. Motorcycle helmets due not cause accidents nor due they prevent them. So if you are going to talk about how many lives would saved it would need to be broken down to head trauma accidents/deaths. And yes that little law of physics when an added weight travels at a given speed…the real weight increases…you know the thing that killed Dale Earnhardt. FMVSS218 certified? NHTSA only tests approx 30 helmets per year, out of which 30% fail. All DOT helmets are “self certified” that is why they are not legal in Europe and most pro am motorcycle race courses will not accept a DOT unless it has another certification. Oh…and if the DOT joke actually passes FMVSS218…the impact test is for 13.2 MPH. Helmet laws have never been about safety!

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