Monday, March 31, 2014

Why bother with big girl panties when you can go commando shirt

Why bother with big girl panties when you can go commando shirt
We would like to thank Michael Swann for designing this awesome new Why bother with big girl panties when you can go commando T-shirt for us.  I was just thinking the other day that we needed more ladies shirts.....And Michael is a ladies man. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Motorcycle Helmet Horns

Motorcycle Helmet Horns

Kent Andersson just sent us this picture of his motorcycle helmet horns. Oh, You think I misspelled Anderrson? You are wrong! Ken lives in Sweden and we sent his horns all the way to Scandinavia just for him.

Here is the e-mail Kent sent us:
Here are the results with the horns on my helmet.
It was very good. Good fit of the helmet.
I'm fucking happy.
Thank you once again.
Regards, Kent Andersson Sweden

Please tell Carl XVI Gustaf (the reigning King of Sweden) that we send our love!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Customer in Mexico

Jose (yes that is really his name)  sent us this picture of him in his new saw blade warhawk.   The motorcycle helmet did not come from us, but the cool helmet mohawk did.

Thanks for the picture!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

HJC Modular SY-Maxbt III Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

HJC Modular SY-Maxbt III Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
HJC Modular SY-Maxbt III Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The SY-MAX III modular helmet is Bluetooth ready, with an exterior module recess and interior speaker cavities. This helmet has an integrated recess cavity for the ChatterBox XBi2-H Bluetooth Wireless Intercom unit.
  • Bluetooth unit sold separately
  • BlueTooth® Ready with integrated recess & interior speaker cavities
  • Built-in recess pocket with panel cover allows the XBi2-H unit to integrate with the SY-MAX III helmet, minimizing wind resistance and creating an ergonomic design
  • Advanced Fiberglass Spectra Composite Weave Shell with Injection Molded Lightweight Polycarbonate Chinbar
  • Single-Button One Handed Chin Bar/Face Shield Release
  • Superior Fit & Comfort Using Advanced CAD Technology
  • "ACS" Advanced Channeling Ventilation System
  • Full Front to Back Airflow Flushes Heat and Humidity Up and Out
  • One-Touch Patent Pending* Integrated Smoke-tinted
  • SunShield Deploys Quickly and Easily (HJ-V5)
  • Three Stage Multiple Postions with Locking Mechanism
  • BlueTooth Ready with Integrated Recess and Interior Speaker Cavities (Bluetooth unit sold separately)
  • Optically Superior PinLock Faceshield Provides 95% U.V.
  • Protection (HJ-17) Pinlock Insert Sold Seperately
  • QuickSlide Tool-less Shield Replacement System
  • Multiple Optional Face shields and SunShields Available
  • SilverCool Removable and Washable Interior
  • Moisture-wicking and Odor-Free Interior with Advanced Silver Anti-bacterial Fabric.
  • Meets or Exceeds D.O.T. Standards
  • * SunShield System ( US Patent No. 7,540,033 )

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Are you lonely? HOLD A MEETING!

Are you lonely? HOLD A MEETING!

This is hilarious… When I first started working at Iron Horse Helmets, the warehouse manager lived for scheduling meetings. The rest of us in the warehouse found a picture similar to this and we hung it in the break room. He lived for meetings… needless to say, he did not last long.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our Motorcycle Helmet Bows are Finally Here!!!!!

Our 2014 Eagle Merritt Brand Motorcycle Helmet Bows are Finally here!

I know, I know, you have seen helmet bows all over Etsy and Ebay for years....But those bows are made by hand. Our bows are special because they are all made by a thoughtless machine and not customizable at all by us.

Also, the ones on those others sites are like fifty bucks each; ours are only ten. Why are ours only ten dollars? Because the manufacturer made about ten thousand of each color! Motorcycle Helmet Mohawks are so 2010. Motorcycle Helmet Bows are so 2014!

We just got in these motorcycle helmet bows and you will never ever see one on my helmet. Why will you never see me with one? Because I am a dude! These helmet bows are like Hello Kitty girly. Here are some facts about them:

Helmet Bows are: - 5.93" Length, 2" Widest Part, 1.5" Center Width
- Interchangeable
- Waterproof
- Made out of acrylic
- Tested on a helmet at speeds up to 130 mph (by some brave chick)
- Applied to a helmet with industrial double sided tape
- Created in a factory that violates every child labor law in the world
- lifetime guarantee

NOTE: Helmets not included.
Blue Motorcycle Helmet Bow
Blue Motorcycle Helmet Bow

Motorcycle Helmet Bows
Motorcycle Helmet Bows

Motorcycle Helmet Bows
Motorcycle Helmet Bows

Red Motorcycle Helmet Bow
Red Motorcycle Helmet Bow

White Motorcycle Helmet Bow
White Motorcycle Helmet Bow
Pink Motorcycle Helmet Bow
Pink Motorcycle Helmet Bow

Monday, March 24, 2014

HJC Ben Spies III Replica Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

HJC Ben Spies III Replica Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC Ben Spies III Replica Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is part of the new RPHA family of helmets from HJC and the successor to the RPS-10. This is a very lightweight helmet that is race-bred, sport-driven, and track-oriented. Designed for the track but just as comfortable on the road, the HJC RPHA-10 Lorenzo helmet is an intermediate to a neutral oval with an improved chin vent and an overall increased airflow over the RPS-10. The HJC RPHA-10 features the new RPS-20 shield and has pinlock posts and inserts as well as a quick removal system. The HJC RPHA-10 helmet in the Jorge Lorenzo graphic has a lining that is both anti-microbial and anti-bacterial and is fully removable. This HJC RPHA-10 helmet really has it all.

  • Advanced P.I.M. (premium integrated matrix) a composite of Carbonfiber, Fiberglass epoxy, Aramid epoxy, & Organic fibers resulting in a remarkably strongshell & extremely lightweight. Designed for superior fit & comfort using
  • Max Air-flow top vent: Variable air flow is adjusted by glove-friendly dials on each intake vent
  • “ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation system: Full front to back airflow flushes heat and humidity up & out
  • RapidFire™ II shield replacement system: Simple and secure shield ratchet system provides ultra-quick, tool-less removal & installation
  • Optically-superior Pinlock® prepared 2D flat-racing shield with included clear Pinlock® insert
  • 2-Stage shield closure system with one-touch center locking system makes for an extremely tight and secure seal
  • Multiple optional shields available; RST mirrored, high definition, smoke, dark smoke
  • SilverCoolPlus™ interior: Removable / Washable interior. Premium soft interior with Ginkgo Extract, moisture-wicking & odor free with advanced silver anti-bacterial fabric
  • 5 year limited Warranty
  • Meets or exceeds SNELL & D.O.T. standards
    HJC Ben Spies III Replica Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

    HJC Ben Spies III Replica Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

    HJC Ben Spies III Replica Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Sunday, March 23, 2014




The out this cool picture that Jill sent us of her White Fiber Optic Mohawk. She has told us about 30 times how much she love it!

The White Fiber Optic Mohawk looks awesome at night. People will see you and hopefully avoid hitting you now. We recommend putting the mohawk on a second helmet since it really does not show up well during the day, but we have cloth mohawks for daytime use. But, this bitch looks awesome at night. Awesome I tell you!

The Fiber Optics run on a small A23 12 volt battery and the turn on and off by a small hidden switch. Color choices are Red, Blue & White.

You may purchase a replacement battery at any Home Depot or simular store. The on/off switch is located in the back of the mohawk. You turn it on with just a snap.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Michael Jackson Motorcycle Helmet

Scott Cottrill Just sent us a e-mail with this image:
Michael Jackson Motorcycle Helmet

Scott wants to know if we can airbrush a motorcycle helmet like the Michael Jackson one seen in this picture.  

Do you know what we told him?

We told Scott to "Beat It!"

......And then we quoted him a price of $359.  We are capitalists first. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Skull Motorcycle Helmet

Oh, you say that you want a skull Motorcycle Helmet.  Here you go:

Check out this awesome picture that was e-mailed to us yesterday.  We don't sell all of these, but we do have a few of them...Cool stuff! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Biker For Life T-Shirt

Check out the new T-shirt that Jason just made:
Biker For Life Shirt

Get your Biker For Life T-shirt now...Unless you are not a biker for life...You might just be a biker for a few months; Don't buy it then.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Translate Please!!!!

We are seeking help translating the grammar and spelling in this e-mail we just received:

hi, i try to order a few helmt on your sit and it wont works????????????????????????

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Airbrushed Skull Motorcycle Helmet

Skull Novelty Motorcycle Helmet
Robert Ramsey sent us this awesome picture of his artwork on our Skull Novelty Motorcycle Helmet.

We get many pictures from airbrushes, but this is one of our favorite.

Well done Robert!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vendetta Bandanna

We don't sell a lot of the Vendetta Bandanna's, but the people who buy them love them.   These Vendetta people love this bandanna and they look great while they do their civil disobedience.

Don't forget your molotov cocktails! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Airbrushed Shirts

I don't know what took us so long, but we started Airbrushing T-shirt and Hoodies.  I am not sure why it took us 10 years to start, but better late then never.

Check out this Irish Skull Hoodie that we painted for some Irish guy.
Airbrushed T-shirt

Friday, March 14, 2014

HJC Motorcycle Helmets

Check out all the HJC Motorcycle Helmets that we now sell!

Here is a little information on HJC Helmets:
HJC Helmets was established in 1971 and since then has specialized in manufacturing motorcycle helmets exclusively. The combination of this extensive specialized manufacturing experience, innovative ideas, and reasonable pricing has resulted in HJC’s success in worldwide markets. HJC is one of the few helmet companies that are equipped with its own state of the art wind tunnel testing laboratory to test for aerodynamics, ventilation, noise, etc. HJC continues to be a brand that is friendly to motorcyclists around the world providing safe, comfortable, stylish and affordable helmets.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Motorcycle Helmet Bows

Our manufacturer just sent us these Motorcycle Helmet Bow pictures:
Motorcycle Helmet Bows

Motorcycle Helmet Bows
They will be receiving 5000 helmet bows next Thursday so we should have them in two weeks.  Please keep in mind that they will sell for $10 and have a lifetime guarantee.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Buying Motorcycle Helmets - Buying Guides

Buying Motorcycle Helmets


Motorcycle Helmets, in many parts of the USA, and in many other countries n the world, are mandatory when riding motorcycles, scooters or ATVs. Riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous thing, and a small accident is never far away. Simply loosing your foot while coming to a stop at a red light and falling over is not as rare as you might think.

When your head hits the ground, not matter at what speed, it will suffer consequences. It's therefore a good idea, even if the local law does not make it mandatory, to use a motorcycle helmet.
But buying a helmet requires a few thing you need to look out for.

Fitting A Motorcycle Helmet

No matter what kind of a Motorcycle helmet you buy (apart from half helmets), one thing that you need to make sure off when fitting a motorcycle helmet:- once it is on, make sure it fits snugly. When your motorcycle helmet is on, and the chin strap is closed (preferably tightly), move the chin protector or the top of the motorcycle helmet with your hand. You must feel resistance! If the motorcycle helmet moves very freely, it will come off if you have an accident, and you loose the benefits of its protection.

But do watch out. A motorcycle helmet that is too tight is bad for you. It will prevent proper blood circulation, and make you tired, even dizzy.

Sun Visors

Many types of Motorcycle helmets can be found with a movable sun visor. This should be on the top of your shopping list when looking for a new motorcycle helmet.

The sun visor is something you can move up or down to diminish the sun if it is shining in your face, much like sun visors in cars.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

Like with everything in this world, there are always several choices, and your choice of a motorcycle helmet is one of them. There are 4 main groups of motorcycle helmets available, each with more manufacturers than what you will ever need.

Mostly, each category of helmet has its usage, though most can be used for different usages.

full face motorcycle helmet

Full Face motorcycle Helmet

The safest type of motorcycle helmet out there is the “full face,” also known as “integral helmet”. Integral helmets cover your whole head, and the helmet consists of one piece. The chin and mouth protection is an integral part of the motorcycle helmet, so if you do hit the pavement, your chin, mouth and teeth should be well protected.

USAGE: The integral helmet is used mostly for speed riding, like races and fast street motorcycle, but also for touring or long distance riding. It is never used for riding off road, unless it's a purpose made off road helmet (see below).

SOUND: An added advantage of an integral helmet is that it isolates outside sounds more than any other type of helmet.

FITTING: Fitting an integral helmet needs a bit more patience and experience. If you wear glasses, you will need to take them off before putting on the helmet. You need to slide the helmet, usually with the top part high, and squeeze it over your head.

The helmet should fit very snuggle. Make sure the mouth/chin protector does not sit on your mouth, and that there is sufficient space between your mouth and the protector.

Click here to see a range of Full face motorcycle Helmets

Modular Helmet

Modular helmets, also know as flip-up helmets, are your next best bet in terms of safety, and one of the most widely used helmets. They offer a full face protection, but the chin/mouth protection flips away from your face when not riding.

The chin protector usually slides up, after pressing a button or two, but some models offer the protector sliding sideways.
The advantage of a modular helmet is that it is easier to put on, and you can instead of having to remove your helmet to, for example, talk to someone, you just slide open the front part.

The downside is that it does offer a little bit less protection, since it has been known that in some accidents, the chin protector has broken on impact. A lot of will depend on the quality of the manufacturer.

USAGE: Street and touring.

FITTING: Fitting a modular helmet is easier than an integral helmet, but as with all helmets it should fit snuggly. When you put it on, move the chin/mouth protector completely up (or sideways), take the sides of the helmet with both hands, and gently move apart.

While holding the sides gently apart, slide the helmet over your head, and then release the sides. Close the chin protector and make sure the helmet fits snugly, but not too tight.

SOUND: Modular helmets offer a good protection against outside noise and wind.

Click here to see a range of Modular Helmets

Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Open Face Helmet

Open face helmets, also known as jet helmets, are helmets that offer head and ear protection, but are totally open in the front, apart from usually a visor.

Although some open face helmets have a metal chin protector, usually a metal rod, they offer no protection if your face hits the pavement.

Most open helmets have visors, some even have an extra sun visor.

USAGE: Street, commuter and often found with scooter riders.

FITTING: Fitting an open/jet helmet is easy. Hold the sides and gently pull apart, sliding the helmet over your head.

Open helmets tend to move more than integral or modular helmet, so the strap is a very important part of the helmet. When your strap is closed, preferably quite tight, there will be more movement, but your helmet should stay in place when juggled.

SOUND: Open face helmets offer an adequate sound protection.

Click here to see a range of Open face Helmets

motocross helmets

Off-road Helmet

Off-road helmets are meant for riding off-road, motocross or enduro. Their shape is a bit like an integral helmet, but the chin/mouth protector extends more forward, offering a better protection when hitting the ground when you fall of your motorcycle, and offering you easier breathing.

The helmet rarely has a visor, and you will need to use goggles that fit your helmet.

USAGE: Off-road riding

FITTING: Fitting an off-road helmet is like that of an integral helmet, it requires a bit of experience, since they are quite tight. If you wear glasses, you will need to remove them before you put on the helmet.

You will need to ensure that the helmet fits pretty tight on your head, since the chances that you fall are much higher off-road than on the street. But makes sure your blood can flow properly in your head.

SOUND: Off-road helmets offer some sound protection, though usually the noise of riding off-road is so high, the sound protection will be just enough to avoid you from becoming deaf.

Click here to see a range of Off-road Helmets

half motorcycle helmet

Half Helmet

Half helmets, also known as beanie helmets, offer just a protection for the top of your head. In case of an accident, your chin, mouth and ears are not protected at all.

Half helmets rarely have visors.

USAGE: Street, commuter.

FITTING: Fitting a half helmet is easy. Just put it on the top of your head. When you close the straps, your helmet will still move quite a lot, since there is no hold on the side of your head.

SOUND: Half helmets offer no sound protection whatsoever.

Click here to see a range of Half Helmets

Many of the types of helmets now offer you an integrated Bluetooth communicator, either with the helmet, or something you can fit afterwards.

These Bluetooth units offer you the ability to use your mobile phone, listen to music and/or your navigation device, and communicate with your pillion. Some even allow you to communicate with other motorcycle riders, as long as they have the same equipment.

In case you are wondering which helmets offer the best protection, and built the best, offering the best sound protection, one reference exists in the world, at that is in the United Kingdom. They have a government testing facility which tests many helmets, rating them for their protection.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Guys with big dicks don't need to brag about it, that's just not our style T-shirt

We need your help to decide which graphic to choose for our new Guys with big dicks don't need to brag about it, that's just not our style T-shirt.

Do you like graphic 1:
Guys with big dicks don't need to brag about it, that's just not our style
 Guys with big dicks don't need to brag about it, that's just not our style graphic 1

or graphic 2 better?
Guys with big dicks don't need to brag about it, that's just not our style
Guys with big dicks don't need to brag about it, that's just not our style graphic 2

Monday, March 10, 2014

Iron Horse Helmets Instagram

Have you checked us out on Instagram yet?  We try to put up stuff everyday and I want to say that most of the stuff we put up is really funny.
Be sure to #ironhorsehelmets with your cool images.  

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Customer Christmas Photos

Chris Key sent us this image and thanked us for making his Christmas so awesome.  To be honest, we did not do anything but make a profit. You see, capitalism works! 

Chris loves his saw blade warhawk and his daughter loves helmet new pink helmet mohawk

Thanks for the cool picture!  Keep them coming.  

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Zan Headgear

We have added 4 new Neoprene Face Masks and they are cool.  They are special productions and have spikes and/or rhinestones.  They are ready now and are on the website.
Rhinestone neoprene Face Mask
Rhinestone neoprene Face Mask

Rhinestone Butterfly Neoprene Face Masks

Glow in the Dark Spiked Jason Neoprene Face Mask
Glow in the Dark Spiked Jason Neoprene Face Mask

Spiked Muerte Face Mask
Spiked Muerte Face Mask

Friday, March 7, 2014

Biker Rings

Are you looking for Biker Rings? Are you looking for a cool ring that will break someones nose and leave a mark on them forever.

We don't sell rings like that.  In fact, we don't sell motorcycle rings at all....But we might.

Here is a list of rings we might start to carry, let us know if you like them or one in particular.
Motorcycle Rider Rings

Motorcycle Rider Rings

Motorcycle Rider Rings

Motorcycle Rider Rings

Motorcycle Rider Rings

Motorcycle Rider Rings

Motorcycle Rider Rings

Motorcycle Rider Rings

Motorcycle Rider Rings

Motorcycle Rings

Motorcycle Rings

Motorcycle Rings

Motorcycle Rings

Motorcycle Rings

Motorcycle Rings

Motorcycle Rings

Biker Rings

Biker Rings

Biker Rings