Thursday, April 24, 2014

World’s Most Amazing Bike Helmets that you want to wear now

There are huge numbers of people in the world who are fond of beautiful sports bikes. But there is not the lack of helmet lovers who likes the terrible helmets. Terrible helmets are not made for the purpose of safety only, but it looks make it more appreciable. We are here displaying some arrogant horrible helmets that will attract the beholder.

1. Skull Motorcycle Helmet – This helmet is customizing motorcycle helmet with the face of a skull, laughing and showing its teeth. Its glass is covering the nose and eyes part that makes it scarier and giving it the exact look of a previous age skull with broad jaw.

2. Cobra Commander motorcycle Helmet – This helmet is customized to the face of cobra. Its head is much stylish with the curves like cobra’s head. Its glass is like the face of alien that make it scarier. Overall it is giving a stylish appeal.

3. For-stinger Motorcycle Helmet – For-stinger Helmet is almost same like an ordinary helmet but what make it scary? It is having a big jaw when the helmet glass uncovers the face. It looks like our face is stuck in the mouth of a big anaconda. This is the main feature of this helmet.
4. Medieval helmets – Medieval helmet is among the helmets which are customized as the most antique head covers that were used by warriors in medieval time. It is exactly the same as the helmets used by warriors. It is having the eyes from where the wearer can see. It is having the nose that protects from any kind of accident. It is a solid helmet with face structure. There is no glass over the helmet.

5. Batman Motorcycle Helmet – This helmet is like the face of batman with the horns as same as the horns used to wear by batman. The glass is full black so that the face of the wearer is not visible. It appears less scary but it is eye-catchy. It can be more lovable to the helmet lovers.

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