Monday, June 23, 2014

Custom Ski Masks

Josh wrote use asking, "I am looking into getting a custom face mask for skiing purposes and after quite a bit of looking around, you guys seem to be the best choice. The picture I have attached is of a Bandanna I currently own, but it is getting worn out and having to constantly retie and adjust it on the go is rather irritating. I would prefer a Neoprene Face Mask, but I do acknowledge that a Balaclava would be much simpler, seeing as the Neoprene Face Mask is sliced and restitched at the eyes and mouth and will cause distortions in the design if not accounted for. I can send a VectorArt-generated image without a background that can then be used to print directly onto colored fabric (to save ink and cut back on cost) or one with the desired base color as the background (whatever you prefer). Please let me know if this is something you guys would consider fabricating."

We originally wanted to say no and tell Josh to take a hike, but we were impressed that a guy as young as Josh did not have one spelling or grammatical error in his email; so we decided to give it a shot! Here are the images Josh sent us:

And here is our airbrushed attempt at making just one mask and charging a lot of money for it:

OK Josh, what do you think?   I personally love the whiskers.  

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