Monday, July 21, 2014


Do you have a idea for a new motorcycle helmet? Send the idea to us with a note asking for money....Everyone else does!  Like David Barta, here is his idea:


SMH - The Safety Module Helmet is a line of protective headgear, specially designed for motorcycle riders, that is augmented with a variety of safety and convenience features. Design intent is to provide bikers with a modular tubular detachable helmet which can be quickly and easily disassembled by EMTs in the unfortunate event of a crash.

Adaptable from a half helmet to a full helmet, the SMH would also

offer bikers a choice as well as a more secure, comfortable, and

sophisticated means of enjoying their rides.


• SMH - The Safety Module Helmet would be fashioned from a collection of durable, heavy duty aluminum-based panels, or “modules,” that snap together via lockable fittings, forming a dome-shaped head covering sized appropriately for riders of any stature. With a total of seven (7) modules, the SMH would be separated as follows: sections 1 and 2 would be positioned at the top of the head, front and back respectively; section 3 would cover the back of the head and neck areas; sections 4 and 5 would be accorded to either side of the head; and section 6 would be positioned in the front of the face area. Section 7 would be comprised of the protective lenses/face mask that shield the nose and eyes. Inside each of these sections, one of three possible suspensions of cushioning would be offered: pneumatic, leather, or high density foam suspension. Any of these cushionings would help provide natural air flow during the ride, keeping the rider refreshingly cool. A 2-in-1 product, the SMH can be configured by the user as a half helmet or a full face helmet.

• The SMH would be packaged with an exterior, removable “skin” material enveloping all of the interlocking components; this feature could be made of leather, vinyl, or urethane to withstand any weather conditions, and would be adaptable t design customization to reflect the rider’s personal interests. For additional safety while riding, the SMH would be lined with a series of light emitting diodes (LEDs), which would provide an easily visible silhouette of the rider after dark. The rider would also possess a pair of convexed mirror extensions on each side of the helmet, facilitating full 180 degrees of vision and much stronger retrofield view. The SMH could come complete with Bluetooth capabilities, as well as fixed headphones. The design possibilities for this versatile product are virtually limitless.


• SMH - The Safety Module Helmet would offer a highly advanced means of ensuring safety and comfort when riding a motorcycle. Primarily, the SMH’s modules would ensure accurate, easy, and safe removal of particular parts of the helmet in case of an accident, alleviating the risk of further injury to the rider while also simplifying the life-saving abilities of emergency personnel.

• The suspension padding of the interior of the SMH panels would offer a natural means of keeping the rider from experiencing the discomfiting heat buildup common to standard helmets. Whether speeding down open roads or sitting in traffic, the biker is able to remain cool and comfortable, and the enjoyment of the biking experience is greatly increased. In addition, the SMH sections could be easily cleaned, inside and out, as often as needed. Adding in the product’s LEDs, mirrors, and Bluetooth and headphone capabilities, the SMH would envelope the rider in luxury as well as protection.

• Easy to use, this handy product can be donned and removed in a matter of seconds. Universal in scope, the SMH concept could be extended to include other extreme sports participants as well as workers in potentially injurious professions, such as construction professionals. An innovative product invention,

SMH - The Safety Module Helmet would greatly enhance the comfort and safety of all who wear it. Practical as well as attractive, this versatile product would be an invaluable addition to the motorcycle accessories market.

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