Friday, October 10, 2014

Motorcycle Helmet Quick Release

motorcycle-helmet-quick-release.jpgSo let's get in front of this right now: you're gonna find some things in the package talkin' about "Lifetime Guarantee" like a crazy person wrote it. Lifetime Guarantee? Ha! That's not enough time! So you just go right ahead and ignore those know-nothing paperworks and notifications. Because this Iron Horse Helmets Quick Release does have a Guarantee.....for LIFE.

No contract, no credit card, no guys coming over with baseball bats while you're trying to have dinner with your family, no weird ghosts hissing [YOUR NAME HERE] HAS MY GOOOOOLDEN ARRRRRM. Just one quick release and a guarantee for life. Put it on, buckle it up, ride away, see deep dark places, sigh deeply, take it off, lie down, pretend not to cry, fall asleep.

That's what riding is for, isn't it? And you'll be able to do it fast... for life.
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Constructed with tempered steel
  • Strong
  • Exceeds the requirements standards
Put safety and convenience first with patented Helmet Quick Release for your helmet's chin strap. This is the only Quick Release on the market with a lifetime guarantee Attaches easily to any helmet no sewing required.

This is the same quick release that we install on out Race helmets. This QR is STRONG!

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