Thursday, October 30, 2014

No More Resistance to Offensive T-Shirts

Offensive T-Shirts
T-shirts with slogans and statements that are offensive, vulgar and violent are being sold in the market over the last decade. Retail companies are certainly making money though they claim, they have no idea what’s being printed.

The T-shirts manufactured by an online retailer recently printed vulgar messages , 'keep calm and kill her', 'keep calm and choke her', 'keep calm and grope on', 'keep calm and punch her' that reflected violence and crime against women. However the firm based out of the U.S that manufactured these shirts claimed that it was all due to a computer error and that they had not even the slightest idea about the same.

Even Amazon, one of the biggest online chains of retail stores, selling worldwide has recently put a halt on its range of T-shirts that printed obscene messages against women. In an answer to this, Tony Dinenage MP said that it is ridiculous to sell products with such obscenity and foolish on the part of the manufacturer to claim that it all happened due to computer error. In response to protesting complaints from customers to the offensive slogans, Amazon has removed T-shirts with disturbing messages from sale.

However, Solid Gold Bomb, another online retailer sold a few short sleeved T-shirts between 15 and 17 dollars. Both Amazon and the clothes shop were slammed by the potential customers and the clothes were branded as 'disgusted' and ' disturbing'.

Michael Fowler, founder of Solid Gold Bomb said that he felt embarrassed and had no words left to express how sorry he felt about the offensive statements used on the shirts. He also said that the slogans were generated as a result of a computer program that was used by the manufacturers of Solid Gold Bomb. And, it was he who was responsible for that and none from the organization.

Thereafter, there were many claims put forth by people associated with the firm accepting the printing as a mistake but users of Amazon already urged other users to email the shop and Amazon to express their disgust and demand that the shirts be banned from being sold. The program uses a list of words to create mocked up image of the T-shirt that displays on screen to the online shoppers.

The message that was controversial experienced a boom in popularity and it became a trend in outlets producing cushions, tea-towels and posters. Solid gold bomb is an Australian company and describes that its name stands for small global t-shirt company. Among the 700 words in the company's word list , a few became offensive individually and in combination.

Now the slogans such as 'bake on', 'beat on', ' teach on', 'rock on' are the new set of slogans going popular. Amazon has now come up with policies that would restrict the company from posting inappropriate listings with respect to offensive material.

One of its other policies about nudity concern states that images are strictly prohibited that portray nudity in a graphic or gratuitous manner. Amateur pornography, X-rated movies, and hard core magazine material are also prohibited. Yet after this, Amazon still is selling offensive T-shirts with offensive statements printed on them.

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