Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Assassin Face Mask Reviews

Here are some reviews of our Assassin Face Mask:

Great for skiing or snowboarding. I bought 5 for the guys on my ski trip a week ago and everyone loved them. Temperatures were between 0-20 degrees. One guy had an actual ski mask, but he used this because it was warmer (it's made of neoprene or some type of rubber that is windproof). Smells a little funky, but it goes away pretty quickly.

Keeps my face nice and warm shoveling in Minnesota. Can even wear with my glasses, which is one reason I got this. Graphics are awesome. Fit my head perfectly. Male, adult about 5' 9", 190 lbs if that helps any lol. i would recommend to anyone out there looking for this type of product.

t is totally awesome. I wear it riding my scooter and there's always someone looking at you, and with my dark shades and my helmet, people driving cars respect me a bit more cause they are kind of scare at a person looking like that. and it's reversible, you can use it with the design out or the black inner side out. And tha one I'm talking about is the Hot Leathers Assassin Face Mask (Black), that's the one I got.

Good mask it's just what I needed while riding my Harley Fatboy in the morning. The mask looks great with my German helmet, straight evil looking as I'm rumbling down my block! I get lots of compliments. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is due to the customizations I had to do in order to make it perfect. Initially like with all face masks my goggles or shades fogged up but all you have to do is get some scissors and cut around the bottom part of the nostril area on the mask, cut enough so that while wearing the mask just the bottom part of your nostrils are exposed. When you breath outward through your nose there should be no material blocking because if there is it will send the hot air upwards and fog up your goggles.If you need too you can also cut around the eye area to make it wider. Besides this the material is thick and great for cold weather riding. I ordered this and my german helmet and i received it in less then a week. I recommend this mask to everyone!

Great look for riding, just add leather and look awesome. It is also reversible, so you don't scare young kids.

I bought 4 of these 3 for Christmas presents and one for myself. I have to say that when I first got it I was skeptical but after I used it in 17 degree weather I was impressed. The only downfall is that you have to wear a hat or helmet or something to support the top so it doesn't droop down into your eyes. But if you are outside in weather cold enough to have to use this chances are that you are wearing something on your head too. Good product for the price.

Very pleased!!! I'm trying to ride in the cold, with this mask I can't feel the wind in my face which I loved... 5 stars

This mask really keeps the wind and cold off your face! It is very comfortable. It's also fun to see people's reactions when they see you going the other way! LOL

I just received the "assassins face" yesterday. The material is very well made, it keeps the face warm and it fits very snug against the face. Love the design and plan on using it for when i go on my long dirtbike rides.

It was worth the price, cheap but very nice! my boyfriend fell in love with it! lol also its reversible from fang face to black!

ordered this item not 2 long ago, and not regretting it at all, seems 2 be made high quality, but what made me give it 5 stars is combination of things, well made, and extremely fast shipping, i got the regular standard shipping, i ordered it on a Friday, and wallah!it was in the mailbox Monday(:

great looking mask, the neoprene material definitely keeps your face warm while on the motorcycle during those cold rides. Great invention.

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