Sunday, January 11, 2015


Leaving is like a sticky bandage. You gotta just do it, and not look back. If you linger too long, that goodbye might never happen.

When Customers leave the warehouse, they’re not gone right away. We still see their face in the faces of strangers. And the next customer we meet, God help them, right? They’re gonna be compared to our other loved customer every day. And we don’t remember the bad stuff (like how they stunk up our bathroom). Nobody ever does.

Of course, we want to get a do-over. Of course we do! If were lucky enough to try again, maybe we will make it work. Or maybe we will make the exact same mistakes and it’ll end up the exact same way. Sadly, we don’t know which until it happens.

Hey, bargaining is one of the stages of grief for a reason. Even when you accept it’s gonna happen, we still have that little feeling in the back of your mind. Sure, they’ve moved on, and we wish them well, but if they ever wake up and they don’t want that life, maybe they’ll come back. It’s a pipe dream, sure, but… maybe.

But whatever happens,  we will always have those memories like little recordings in your brain. And sometimes the right song at the right time will pull them out again. We might say goodbye. But it’s never farewell.

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