Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gemma Hunt wants to write spam for us.

Some chick named "Gemma Hunt" wrote us asking if she could write spam for us.  We are always up for quality free writting.  We told Gemma to write a sample article for us.  Here it is:

Safe Doesn’t Have to Mean Boring When You Choose an Iron Horse Helmet

When it comes to choosing a motorcycle helmet style there are several potential options. You could opt for a full face helmet, an open face helmet, or even a flip up helmet. The full face helmet is considered to be the safest option as it offers the most complete protection, whilst an open face helmet makes you feel closer to the road and the environment around you, but offers the least amount of protection, should you find yourself in an accident of any kind. When you choose a helmet it’s important to think about what you want it to achieve: Remember that the key function of your helmet is to protect your head in the case of an accident. The brain is the most complicated and the most fragile organ that the human body contains, and the fundamental function of whichever kind of helmet you choose should be to protect it.

Function and Fun

There are certain things that every biker needs before they can hit the road: firstly a bike (of course!), the protection of a high level bike insurance policy, and all of the right safety equipment, including a protective and well-fitting bike helmet. Word like ‘safe’ and ‘protective’ are key when you’re choosing the right bike helmet for you, but they don’t exactly conjure up illusions of stylish and glamorous riding. However there’s no reason why you can’t be fashionable as well as safe and protected: safe doesn’t have to mean boring. Especially when you choose an iron horse helmet!

The motorcycle helmet you choose to wear actually says a lot about you. Life almost everything else you wear, your helmet can be a great reflection of your personality. It can immediately let people know that you are a thrill seeker, that you are fun loving, or that you are a cautious and conscientious rider. Those with cautious personalities tend to opt for full face helmets, and take their safety very seriously, ensuring that they wear all of their safety gear for even the shortest of journeys. Those who opt for open face helmets tend to be more occasional riders who ride for the thrill of it and tend to only take to the road during the warmer months. These riders tend to be a bit of a daredevil, and of course they care about fashion and about how the look when they’re on the road too.

Accessories Your Helmet

Once you’ve chosen the helmet that will suit you best it’s time to inject it with some fashion and some style: the possibilities for motorcycle helmet accessories are almost endless. Those that want to nod to the punk culture can decorate their helmets with motorcycle helmet mohawks in a wide range of colors and styles, whilst you could inject a nod to your Nordic or Viking past by adding horns to your helmet. Female riders may well want to give their motorbike helmets a more feminine touch with the additional of such details as pigtails or even oversized bike helmet bows. Each of our bike helmet bows is made of acrylic and is made by hand, meaning that you will receive a unique and well made. All of our accessories can be added to your existing helmet using industrial double sided tape (meaning that they are interchangeable and you can regularly change your style or color options). They are also all tested at high speeds, so you can be sure that whilst you’re enjoying a thrilling ride you won’t be leaving your helmet accessory on the road behind you. All of the motorbike helmet accessories available from Iron Horse are completely safe and fully protective, having passed all of the relevant safety standards. It’s important that any accessories you choose are similarly safe and that they won’t obscure your view in any way or affect your ability to ride safely in any way either. With our affordable prices and our fantastic range, why not reflect your personality and accessories your bike helmet? It is possible to look stylish and be safe at the same time!

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