Friday, February 27, 2015

6D Helmets

6D Helmets awarded utility patent for energy management system

6D Helmets (a brand we have never even heard of) has been awarded utility patent No. 8,955,169 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its proprietary Helmet Omnidirectional Energy Management Systems, commercially referred to as Omni-Directional Suspension, or ODS.....Again, we never heard of it.

Co-founders Bob Weber and Robert Reisinger introduced 6D Helmets to the off-road segment in November 2012. Their ODS technology is a multilayered displaceable liner system which reduces the transfer of angular acceleration energy and low-threshold energy to the brain during crash impacts without compromising high-energy performance.

“I began this project in my garage in early 2011 and shortly thereafter brought in Robert to refine the concept,” said Weber. “In the two years since we introduced our first helmet, we have seen countless instances where our 6D Helmets, equipped with the ODS technology, have provided superior safety performance to riders and cyclists. To finally receive this utility patent only further validates the tireless efforts of the entire 6D Helmets organization in our pursuit of the company’s mission, to improve safety for helmeted athletes throughout the world.”

Weber and Reisinger will continue to expand the 6D Helmet product line for new applications within the motorcycle and bicycle markets, as well as various other sporting activities.

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