Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Best customer Email ever

Dear Iron Horse Helmets,

I found your Animal helmet cover via a meme sent by a friend and I NEED IT!! my best friend (of over twenty years) embodies this character and is a total hooligan on his motorcycles while I am that saner guy that stops and waits in the right of way as he tears up a random hill in someone's pasture. We both participate in charity rides and a motorcycle service organization, and while I don't know what Helmet cover to get for myself, THIS is the one for him.

I was ELATED to find it in your online shop, but my happiness was soon crushed when I saw it was out of stock. Please please PLEASE tell me what I must do to aquire one! In addition to your list price, my payment can include any of the following:

Fat white dude belly dancing
Walking over coals
Windows Server administration
Washing dishes
Eating ants
Sleeping on a bed of nails
Temporary indentured servitude
Sanding (any large quantities of things that must be Sanded, it's kind of a fetish but whatever)
Getting yelled at
Chalk drawing (though I make no promises of my artistic skill)
Hurling smartphones from high places
General larceny
Smuggling films into North Korea

I am open to suggestions if none of these skills strike your fancy.

Looking forward to hearing from you with baited breath,

Andrew Smith
General do-gooder and friend of all.

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