Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Hells Angels—yes, those Hells Angels—are selling yoga pants in their new shop

Trendy restaurants and yuppie-friendly shops have a new neighbour: the Hells Angels. The notorious biker club has recently set up a store selling coffee cups, T-shirts and other merch emblazoned with skulls, flames and slogans like “When in doubt, knock’em out!” (Not for sale: anything that actually reads “Hells Angels,” as only club members are allowed to wear those words.) The motorcycle club, which has dabbled in retail before, moved into the storefront several months ago, but were only recently pegged by the city’s media, who suspect that the store might really be a new clubhouse. To be sure, it lacks a few characteristics—like an official name or friendly customer service—common to the gentrifying neighbourhood’s other boutiques. It does, however, sell women’s yoga pants.

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