Saturday, May 23, 2015

Of course they'll laugh. At first.

Of course they'll laugh. At first.

This nation was founded by - what? - fat white guys in wigs. No, don't try to deny it. Look at this photo of The Declaration of Independence signing and you'll see those little beer bellies and wigs.

We're taught from day one that to be a rebel is to sit at a desk, and to sit at a desk means you've got to be a fat white guy in a wig.

But the truth is that's not the truth! Because every biker in this world is a rebel.  I don't see John Hancock riding his Harley in the signing.  A rebel has nothing to do with being a fat white guy. Nothing at all! You can ride around all day and still be a million times more rebelious than anybody in 1776! As long as, while you're riding, you are wearing one of our motorcycle helmet covers.

Certainly better than those flabby founding fathers. What did THEY ever do for this nation? They just found it! ANYBODY could have done THAT!

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