Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pissed off customer

This is why we don't offer many clearance helmets.  You can't please everyone:

Here is the backstory: Jeff ordered four of our $7.98 clearance helmets. We took and bath on these helmets and we are finally getting rid of them. We ran out of XS before we got to Jeff's order....Jeff did not like that.

Jeff wrote:
Todd, I am royally pissed and disappointed in your service. As you can see, this is my conformation order. Upon which, after assured of my order I called both my 5 and 3 yr old grandsons and showed them the helmets they were getting so they could go riding with me this summer. Now you call me today and tell my conformation is no good. What the fuck! I have been buying helmets from you for over 20 yrs, from Daytona to Myrtle. Now you just drop me on my ass. No substitute, no " can we help you find something else", nothing. Just a sorry, I cannot shit one out, tough. Do you still want the smalls. What do you think! Not good business at all. Very unhappy customer and you probably don't give a damn.

Then Jeff sends us another email saying "I would sure like to see you face to face."

I would like to apologize to jeff and buy him personally buy him a computer with spell check so he can learn how to spell confirmation.

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