Saturday, June 27, 2015

Futuristic Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet for Your Most Epic Rides

Check out our newest motorcycle helmet.  This helmet will be here next month.

Our Rodia Variant Carbon Fiber helmet looks like some sort of aerodynamic, onyx reimagining of Master Chief’s helmet, and we like it. Keeping your head safe on the bike is not only smart, it’s the law in most states, but if you can do that with wind-tunnel tested technology and rugged industrial design, even better.

Like Icon’s Variant helmet, this model is designed for long touring rides even though it looks more like a motocross helmet.

The Variant Carbon is made of a carbon fiber outer shell, like the name suggests, but it has a number of other features that optimize comfort, visibility, and safety. On the front, the face shield includes a coating to prevent fog from condensing on its inner surface, while an anti-lift visor blocks extra glare without hampering the helmet’s ventilation. A curved rear spoiler minimizes buffeting and lift when you’re zooming along, while inside, a moisture-wicking, washable liner covers a layer of impact absorbent EPS for a customizable fit around your noggin.

Our Variant Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet will probably run you around $320.

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