Thursday, July 9, 2015

$3.99 T-shirt

Have you ever heard of the saying "for every gimme there's a gotcha?"

Well, this $3 T-shirt deal is kind of like that. Sure, you get a pretty sharp T-shirt for only $3. But, there are some rules you must know.

1. We are getting free advertising on this T-shirt and you are paying $3 for the honor to advertise our smart ass company.

2. No, XXL or larger sizes are not available for this deal. Our cost on a XXL blank is over $6 so that blows the deal.

3. Shipping...We are only breaking even on the deal so there is no free shipping. I promise that we are not making any profit in the shipping either.

That's it...3 simple rules. shop away, just please keep our rules in mind.

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