Thursday, August 27, 2015

How long do motorcycle helmet pigtails last?

Hi, I purchased a pair of pink pigtails some 4 years ago when I lived in Scotland. They have been moved to three different helmets and yesterday - for the first time ever one fell off! This is a disaster as they are my trademark. I cannot seem to get it to stick properly this time and I wonder please - do the black suckers have a limited lifetime? Can you get replacement parts if so? I have made sure that the 'hairs' are not wound around the screw, but nothing seems to work. And finally I have moved to Bulgaria. Do you post to Bulgaria and if so do you have any idea of postage please because I'm sure I'll fall off without a pair of these on my helmet. :-D

4 Years, I am shocked they lasted that long!!!! But, the picture is awesome.  

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