Sunday, September 27, 2015

Omaha police target motorcycle helmet compliance

Omaha Cops need a lot of money.  So, they issued hundreds of tickets during a special summer enforcement effort as they focused on motorcycle helmet compliance.

The Cops looked for motorcyclists who were in violation of the state’s helmet law by either not wearing a helmet or by wearing novelty helmets, police said. Helmets found in violation of the standard were confiscated and the operator cited, they said.

The Omaha Cops conducted 11 operations in all areas of the city. Officers were looking for motor vehicle violations that make situations dangerous for motorcyclists such as failure to yield, speeding, improper lane changes and violating traffic signals. The numbers:

-- 622 total citations issued
-- 5 DUI/alcohol arrests
-- 16 helmet violations
-- 424 speeding violations
-- 5 no motorcycle endorsement
-- 51 restraint violations (seat belt or child restraint)
-- 52 operating during suspension/driver’s license violations
-- 78 registration/insurance violations

The Nebraska Office of Highway Safety provided funding for extra officers to focus on motorcycle helmet compliance.

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