Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pink Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk

What Other Riders Are Saying about our Pink Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk...

I got this for 9 year old. The suction cups do make it sit a little high off the helmet and don't look great on the close ups, but from a few feet off, it looks great. The best part is, he can easily switch it between his motocross helmet, his skateboard/bike helmet, and his roller hockey helmet. It's a fun little item for the price.
Dana - April 19, 2014 (Wading River, NY)

Nice quality, easy to install, and it stays on the helmet.
Isaias - January 27, 2014 (yuma, AZ)

Looks awesome
Charles - January 13, 2014 (Las Vegas, NM)

I bought two of them for my kids. I can spot them faster in the woods and the high grass. They attach to the three helmets very well. Just need to wet the suction cups.
Eric - July 11, 2013 (Rochester , PA)

Christmas gift for our 5 yr old son, to use with his dirt bike and 4-wheeler. He loves it! Looks too cool.
Ashley - January 10, 2013 (Wayne, WV)

I put it on my Shoei Rf1000 Diabolic 3 it looks cool, turns heads, people smile and complement me about it.
Belter - August 10, 2012 (Richmond, CA)

love it jett - July 2, 2012 (eureka, CA)

I love the Mohawks bought 8 of them and was so excited to give them to my kids and they would not suction at all to their helmets so I am removing cups and adding Velcro to them which is extra work and makes me feel I should have returned them and ordered the ones with Velcro already on them.
AngelA - June 22, 2012 (Burlington, KY)

Worked great on my Snell Helmet.
Joanne - January 12, 2012 (rexford, NY)

My grand-paw got me a new helmet and mohawk so I could ride with him; I love it, and he said it was a good deal. Top quality, and he would do it again. I'm just 3 so grand-paw had to type this for me; I just know I love it.
Maliki - November 17, 2011 (Morganfield, KY)

The Mohawk doesn’t fit in my helmet, because of the air vents, but because I really like it, I cut it to fit!!
Edgar - November 4, 2011 (Chula Vista, CA)

Makes you very noticeable. Withstood speeds up to 175mph. Great product!!
Blake - September 9, 2011 (Orange, CA)
Nice product Mike B. - June 30, 2011 (Martinsburg, PA)

Gets the attention of the girls and the drivers that otherwise might not see you. Put this on a Shoei RF-1100 Hadron, looks great with the helmet decals
Matt - March 29, 2011 (Hill AFB, UT)

This is a pretty cool mohawk.

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