Monday, November 9, 2015

Honda recalls 145,000 Gold Wings for brake fix

WASHINGTON, D.C. - American Honda Motor Co. is recalling 145,219 GL1800s from multiple model years to replace a potentially defective secondary master cylinder.

This recall, NHTSA No. 15V700000, is an update to Recall 15V472000 issued in 2014, which was an update to a 2011 recall (see links below).

According to the recall notice posted by NHTSA, the rear brakes on these vehicles may drag after the brakes are released. A rear brake that drags could increase the risk of a crash, moreover, extended riding with the rear brake dragging could generate enough heat to cause a fire, the OEM said.

Dealers are asked to replace the secondary brake master cylinder and the rear brake master cylinder, and flush the brake fluid, free of charge. The OEM is notifying customers, and has issued a stop-sale notice to dealers for all unrepaired vehicles.

Affected in the recall are the following models:

GL 1800 - 2001-2010 and 2012-15 model years
GL 1800A - 2001-05 model years
GL 1800B - 2013-15 model years
"Under conditions where the brake fluid is not replaced according to the maintenance schedule, deposits may form within the brake fluid, leading to component malfunction within the secondary master cylinder, which may cause the rear brake to drag," Honda said. A redesigned secondary master cylinder is now available for dealers to correct the situation, the OEM added.
As of October, American Honda said it had received 36 warranty claims and 22 field reports, with no fires or injuries related to this issue for motorcycles that were not contained within the 14V-472 recall range.

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