Saturday, November 28, 2015

Shirts we want to make

We love making shirts, helmet stickers and biker patches.

There is only one problem...Liberal babies driving us crazy.

Here are some ideas that we want to use:

-- "In God we trust, all others get searched,"

-- "A picture of an electric chair with the caption: JUSTICE: Regular or Crispy"

-- "B.D.R.T Baby Daddy Removal Team on the back and the initials on front with handcuffs."

-- "Human trash collector. ( above a pair of handcuffs )"

-- "Take No Guff, Cut No Slack, Hook'em, Book'em and Don't Look Back!"

-- "SWAT T-shirt: 'Happiness is getting the green light!'"

-- "Save the police time, beat yourself up"

-- "An ounce of prevention is fine and dandy........ But we prefer 168 grains of cure."

-- "Be good or you might get a visit from the bullet fairy."

-- "Sniper - When you only have 1 shot at an opportunity......We'll make it count"

-- "Law Enforcement......Helping perps slip down stairs since 1766"

- "Math for Cops.........2 to the chest + 1 to the head = problem solved"
-- "Police Brutality....the fun part of policework."

-- "Cops make good roommates...they're used to taking out the trash."

-- "It doesn't say kindness and sympathy on the badge.'"

-- "happiness is a confirmed kill"

-- "My Daddy can Taser your Daddy"

-- "School Patrol - You fail em, we jail em"

-- "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted and used against you."

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