Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Gladiator Motorcycle Helmet

Some frequently asked questions about your new Iron Horse Motorcycle Helmet:

Is it inappropriate to name my Motorcycle Helmet?

Yes. Next question.

Where can I store my Motorcycle Helmet?

On a head or a top of some kind. Next question.

Is my Motorcycle Helmet edible?

Yes.....Seriously no. Next question.

Can I bathe with my Motorcycle Helmet?

Next question.

My friend/family member/spouse wants to use my Motorcycle Helmet. Should I allow this?

Of course not. Next question.

Do I have to keep it on my head?

If it is not on your head it will explode and melt. Next question.

What else can my Motorcycle Helmet do?

Bringing the entire world to your eyes isn't good enough? Next question.

I am lonely. Can my Motorcycle Helmet help me to not be lonely?

Next question.

What does my Motorcycle Helmet eat?

This FAQ is over.

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