Thursday, December 31, 2015

Iron Horse Helmet: A customer profile

Our research shows the typical Iron Horse Helmets customer is sophisticated, intelligent, and leery of unsolicited flattery. Data indicate the customer enjoys food, including breaded products. A savvy shopper and adequate dancer, particularly at weddings. The customer is able to communicate with most rodents. Our data indicate the customer is indifferent to the word "stagecoach."

Favorite soup is chicken-based in 75 percent of respondents.

According to our notes, the customer is likely to describe beer using terms like "tastes great" or "less filling" and will probably refrain from the abstract or surreal ("This beer sure makes MY pony dance the bobo!").

An Iron Horse Helmet Customer is likely to eat apples from the outside in. The customer is not a robot, but daydreams about becoming one. The customer is right to have those robot aspirations. It's what we all want. Because then we won't hurt any longer.

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