Sunday, December 20, 2015

We were just called "Weird, confusing, misleading, unfortunate and dishonest!"

Check out this customer email:

Hey guys at Iron Horse helmets,

order # 143745
Jack R****l (I am not sure why the boss does not want me to mention his last name"

Just received the t-shirt that I ordered from you guys.

This t-shirt only has the printing on the front of the shirt. I thought that when I filled out the order form I had marked the box to have the print also on the back of the t-shirt for an additional $2.00?

I don’t know if your records show this or not so I thought I would drop an email and see if there was anything we could do?

Thanks guys for any help.

We responded with: Nope, it looks like you chose the front at checkout. We don't offer two-sided printing.

Now his response: O.K.
But according to my purchase order I still payed (he should have spelled that "PAID")for the extra $2.00 charge that was offered. According to your website the print is on the BACK of the t-shirt.

The t-shirt price on the website is $14.99 The website says the print comes on the back of the T and a $2.00 charge for it to be printed on the front. So it looks like a customer can only have the print either on the front or on the back??? And you guys charge extra to flip the shirt over and print on the front????? OR is the extra charge for the print on the front cause it is already on the back of the T???

I payed ("PAID" again) $16.99 not $14.99 So if the print is only on one side of the t-shirt. What did I pay the extra $2.00 for?????? And why is there a choice in ordering to have the print on both sides of the shirt for an additional $2.00 if it is not available??
After PRICE…… choose shirt color………then style…….size…..DESIGN PLACEMENT…….and then quantity.
So I guess I am back to you guys charge $2.00 extra to TURN THE SHIRT TO print on the front of the t-shirt????
Nope, looks like only front of shirt was choosen (chosen). We don't offer two sided printing.

Weird, confusing, misleading, unfortunate and dishonest to charge someone to flip over a shirt don’t you think??????

Here we respond again:

We sell thousands of shirts a week and nobody else has ever felt "mislead."

The $2 up change is because we don't have our logo on it when we print on the front and we don't receive the advertising anymore. Shirts are not a big profit center.

The description also says, "I'm the Infidel Allah Warned You About is boldly printed across the front or back of the tee....You can choose at checkout."
The key word in that sentence is "OR" it says "or" not "and."

Had it been both sides it would've said "and."

Your turn...Please explain how the word "or" is Weird, confusing, misleading, unfortunate and dishonest?

Dear reader-
Please side off and let me know if we are correct or incorrect.

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